The Good, Bad & Ugly of Cat Parenthood

IMG_0675 This post is written in lieu of an Awkward & Awesome. Because cats.

I definitely haven’t been secretive about Josh’s and my recent pet parenthood . . . except for my initial joke that seemed to hint at a very different kind of parenthood. On the other hand, I haven’t spoken about our new kitties very explicitly at all here on the blog.

Probably because I am freaking exhausted.

Here is a post dedicated entirely to our new little loves in all of their ups and downs.




  • Beautiful tiger stripes and angelic face
  • Loves to get her belly rubbed. She thinks she is a dog.
  • Hops around on hind legs. She also thinks she is a person.
  • Likes me more than Daddy 😉


  • Gets lonely, cries like a fiend, and scratches the door when locked out of any room


  • Obsessed with shiny things like glass and water. Must knock over anything made of or containing these materials. So much wet. Many broken. Wow.



  • Beautiful charcoal, rust, and white fur coat
  • So affectionate. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so loved.
  • Likes Daddy more than me so he doesn’t feel left out


  • Won’t let you get anything done if she’s in the mood for loving on you. You will be immobilized by her tiny body of cuddlage.


  • Plays in the litter box and flings litter EVERYWHERE
  • “Loves on you” by holding your face down with her paws and licking your nose raw with the world’s scratchiest tongue



  • Love absolutely everyone. Not skiddish at all. They make everybody feel like a best friend.
  • Cheaper than a baby


  • Own anything made of fabric in the whole house. Your sock? Theirs. New leggings? Theirs. Favorite scarf? Theirs. It can be reclaimed in the bottom level of their cat tower, aka “the stash.”


  • Knock over the garbage can and eat gross things like egg shells, boiled kale, and a paper towel that chicken was sitting on–or drag them all around the house to play with.
  • Can’t spend more time with them because of work.

God and Game Shows


So, as I mentioned in Awkward and Awesome Thursday a little while back, I am a fail daughter and missed church on one of the days my dad was preaching.

He wasn’t hurt by my absence since he knows I’ve heard this story a million times, but I tell you, I get something new from it every time. My dad preached about his experience getting on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? I may not have explicitly stated this previously on the blog. It’s such an understood fact among my family and close friends that I often forget to actually talk about it.

When I found the podcast of the sermon on our church’s website, I sat through the whole thing even though I know the tale by heart. I laughed, cried, and had mini heart attacks all throughout. The Millionaire theme music still gives me anxiety.

Sermons might not be your thing, but this is not a typical sermon. My dad is brilliant, hilarious, and a storyteller, and all of those things shine in this audio clip. If you can hang in there, I know you will be entertained and inspired by this story about my family.

God and Game Shows

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: My Baby’s Birthday


  • Not really having spare money to buy Joshy a present :-(. But hey! It means I get to be creative!
  • Spending three and a half hours in the library trying to get Josh’s surprise gift printed (for 25 cents a page) and the darn printer just will not cooperate!
  • Josh texting me from home when he gets home from work all like, “Where’s mybaby and the dinner she was supposed to make me?” Fail. I’m thinking he would have been more blessed by me remembering to feed him than by his birthday present that totally didn’t work out.
  • No present + no dinner = not the super awesomest birthday ever
This is basically the worst photo ever, but it is the only one I have from tonight :-/

This is basically the awkwardest (worst) photo ever, but it is the only one I have from tonight :-/


  • I got him Taco Bell and a muffin with seven bucks my mom gave me, so he’s pretty sure I still love him.
  • Soul Calibur IV date! It was only fun because we’re pretty evenly matched. There’s no way I would have let him win just because it’s his birthday . . .
  • I am so conquering that printer tomorrow.
  • Party this weekend with old and new friends 🙂
  • My grandma is coming up from PA to visit!
  • Family is coming from far and wide next week to spend some time on the lake.
  • The only job I’ve gotten an interview for so far is for the position that I want most of all! It went well, too! Please God, this is all in your hands . . .
  • Feeling hopeful about my IC symptoms after a routine appointment today.
  • The man I love said “Hey world!” 23 years ago today. Thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Thurston!
  • Josh is no longer the only one around the house that I call “baby.” Think a little bit about what that means . . . 😉

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Peace, Love, and Trust


So something equally awkward and awesome that happened this week was that Josh and I created and hosted a 70s-themed Jeopardy game for our Pastor’s birthday party. Let’s just say the 70s was his era. I was “Alexa Trebek” and Josh decided that his attire suggested he should be named something uber-hippie, so he went with “Moon.” It was a blast, and the questions were awesome if I do say so myself.

Josh and I are spending a lot of time and energy getting involved with our church lately. It seems kind of silly in light of the fact that we are still struggling to find full-time jobs, but honestly . . . these are the people who give us the strength and support to get through these uncertain times. They are the one’s who remind us to trust in God–that He is in control.

Our faith family is with us through all of the awkwards and the awesomes 🙂


  • Making no money, so yeah, that’s a concern.
  • Our laptop’s keyboard has decided not to work again after the third time getting it “fixed.” Hello again, campus computer lab.
  • It rains a lot in Rochester even in the summer. Who knew?
  • A bunch of my theatre friends and I were so pumped for the Tony Awards, and then we got super busy . . . and forgot to watch them! Fail.
  • Going to a grand opening of a local bar and being told at the door “You can’t get in if you’re under 21.” “Um, I turned 21 in January. It says so on my ID . . .” “You say that, but it could be somebody else’s ID, and we can’t be liable.” “What??” “Well, okay, you can go in, but if you try to get a drink or even sit at the bar, we’ll kick you out.” WHAT?!?!? 1/22/1992 PEOPLE! I had two different guys tell me this same thing. So confused . . .


  • Applying for two positions at my alma mater of Roberts Wesleyan College where I would be working with people I know and love. Praying so hard!
  • Family vacation is less than two weeks away, and hey! Josh and I are pretty free with this whole unemployment thing going on:-)
  • Poutine. Living this close to Canada I had to try it. Wow.
  • Sunny days in the 70s. Just right 🙂
  • Speaking of the 70s, this:


Arts Fest and Farewells


There were a lot of mixed emotions this week. With our last finals week coming up starting Monday and spring formal scheduled for tonight as sort of a last hoorah, Josh and I were already experiencing a lot of stress–both good and bad.

Mid-week, we found out that Josh’s grandma had seriously deteriorated health-wise, and she passed away shortly after we received this news. We dropped everything and made a trip down to Pennsylvania for the funeral.

As sad as it is to lose Grammie, it was really a blessing to be able to reconnect with family who we haven’t seen in a very long time. I know it did a world of good for Josh in terms of grieving. We had just arrived in Spain when Grammie’s husband Poppy passed away last year. We were unable to attend his funeral, so we weren’t about to miss this one.

We all grieved together, said our goodbyes, and were then able to enjoy our family members. Josh’s parent’s and sister took us to the local Arts Festival today, and we were reminded of how important it is to make and cherish memories with the loved ones still here on earth with us.


IMG_0530 IMG_0534


I feel like I’m drowning.

I know I’m a drama queen, but I don’t see any point in lying about how I feel on Nine to Phive. Especially when hardly anyone reads this blog since I’ve gotten so lax about updating it. No one will be fooled, if you know what I mean.

A Muse performance at ELEV8 conference this year. I thought it was sufficiently depressing.

Maybe it’s because I now have an IC flareup for two weeks out of the month. Every month.

Maybe it’s because I’m scared to death that I won’t be able to keep a full-time job, let alone a job in the highly impractical field that I love.

Maybe it’s because I’ve had to take a 19-credit load this semester just to graduate on time (barely). Oh, and those extra credits? They cost me $800 of over-enrollment fees.

Maybe it’s because two of Muse’s biggest performances of the semester are over and I don’t feel relieved. No less busy. No less stressed. No less out of breath.

Maybe it’s because, after two and a half years of marriage, I feel like I should have worked out so many of the selfish struggles that my newlywed friends seem to have no problem with after just a few months.

Maybe it’s because I feel guilty turning to my family for support when they’re struggling just as much as me right now.

Maybe it’s because I love God, love my church, and love my brothers and sisters in Christ, but can’t find the time or energy to invest in my personal spiritual life.

Maybe it’s because I want more than anything to write freely–stories, poetry, journals, grocery lists, bucket lists, this blog–and I can’t even find time to do my required writing for class.

Maybe this is my life now.

Keeping my head above water. 


I thought graduating this spring would feel like a weight being lifted, but as I approach commencement with all of this and more baggage (some of which won’t disappear the moment I walk across that stage), I feel as though it’s just a doorway into different and heavier weights pressing down on me.

Pressing down on my lungs . . . 
On my heart . . . 
On my spirit . . . 
I’m broken . . .

Drowning . . .

Oh, and a drama queen. There’s that, too.