Cleverbot Poetry

Rebooting my popular Cleverbot Poetry post in hopes of getting some more participation! To join in the creative and artificially intelligent madness, check out the Cleverbot Poetry tumblr.

A few days ago, I had an incredibly intriguing idea for something that I was sure would turn out to be an interesting exercise/experiment for writers.

I decided to write a poem with the help of Cleverbot! 

For those who don’t know, Cleverbot is an Artificial Intelligence robot that is famous for learning from the input of users worldwide. That means that every time a user asks Cleverbot a question or provides a response, Cleverbot learns how to better answer questions in the future. Because of this learning capability, conversations with Cleverbot can often stay on a specific topic for a considerable amount of time and adhere to logic and reasoning like a conversation with humans (well, most of them, lol) would.

Of course, there are always exceptions. Take my first poetry attempt as an example.

User: Want to write a trippy poem with me?
Cleverbot: Do you even know what I am?!
User: Why, a clever bot, I assume.
Cleverbot: What would you say that for? You hurt my feelings . . .
User: Clever is a good thing, and bot is hardly something to be ashamed of.
Cleverbot: I am learning.
User: That’s nice. How about that poem?
Cleverbot: I don’t like Obama. His policies are downright atrocious. We’re sinking further into debt and he hasn’t actually fulfilled any promises he made on his campaign.
User: Is that your idea of a poem?
Cleverbot: And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.
User: Haha, I like that one better.
Cleverbot: Really?
User: How about I write a line, and then you write a line, and we’ll go back and forth?
Cleverbot: No.
User: Please? I’d really like to hear what you have to say.
Cleverbot: Harry Potter or Twilight?
User: Harry Potter. No contest.
Cleverbot: Exactly.
User: Glad we’re on the same page. Now, I’ll start the poem . .
Cleverbot: Hi, this is Baskin Robins. Home of the 31 flavors. If you can name 31 flavors in 31 seconds, you can get 31 flavors for free. Your time starts now.
User: Very cute. Here we go!
Cleverbot: It is insulting to be told somethig that they know is completely contrary to the truth that they enforce.
User: You spelled ‘something’ wrong . .
Cleverbot: “Tell me about Penny Fluff.”
User: “She always thought herself more than enough.”
Cleverbot: Nine.

Frustrating and not particularly inspiring; however, I did finally discover the secret! Here’s what I ended up with:

Socrates, and a Misquote At That

Without a soul, who can know what the future holds?

What future? How can I get past today with nothing to live for?
Offer them a new technology, and offer to develop it for them.
Sell yourself to the industry of creating humans more efficiently and less uniquely.
But I’m not doing it for the law. It’s for my religion.
I believe in creation. I believe in choice.
But I’m not a believer.
Why do I lie to myself like I lie awake at night wishing for a purpose?
Do you have a religion?
No? Then let’s share mine.
I can be strong for the both of us.
I can pick you up in my Ferrari.
I’ll carry us away to a time more certain.
Fairly more certain that you are not making sense.
But I forgive you. After all, the world doesn’t make sense.
Or does it?
All I know is that now I have you to live for.

How fun! And how cool is that?

The trick is to not ask the bot for permission to participate in the activity! Simply write what sounds like it could be the first line of an artsy poem and continue in this manner regardless of how the bot responds.

If you would like to submit a poem:

  1. Follow the guidelines above.
  2. When you think you have come to the end of your poem, press “Think For Me” and let the bot’s final line (or a few words from it) be the title of your poem.
  3. Click “Thoughts So Far” and copy and paste the conversation into a word processor.
  4. Format the conversation like a poem. Get rid of the “User” and “Cleverbot” labels and eliminate the spaces in between lines.
  5. Submit to me via email ( and see if your poem ends up in a future post!

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Are Women Human?

  • The above work of literature Stryker happened upon while vacuuming. I didn’t realize we weren’t sure . . .
  • Me. I’m an emotional wreck without my husband around. I literally feel like I don’t know what to do with my life when he’s gone for long periods of time. This is so not like me. It’s like a hormonal alien she-beast.
  • Cable being down the week of the Olympics. US women’s gymnastics took home gold for the first time since 1996 and I had to find out via Yahoo! news.
  • The sad state of my bed right now. It is not only unmade, but also piled high with seven pillows in and effort for me to feel less lonely in a queen-size on my own.
  • I just ate a bowl of cereal at my desk at work. With cereal brought from home. Slightly awesome, I suppose.
  • Poor Rachel’s going through a tough time. It’ll be so much easier when Mom and Dad finally move up and she has her own room!
  • My tragically hit-or-miss internet connection at the apartment. I’m so technologically challenged right now! This is why posting has been getting more and more sparse as this week goes on.

  • Criminal Minds and Flashpoint. If I’m going to be limited to four channels, I’m infinitely grateful that Ion Television is among them! 
  • My Josh. He listened to me complain about my depression for only a couple minutes before ordering me to just get over it and go out for coffee with Rach. The guy knows just what I need.Miss him heaps 😦
  • Three high-fashion shoots coming up this month–one with a 1950’s beach vibe! Oh, the glamor.
  • Perfectly fitting skinny jeans for just $12! Why hello, Plato’s Closet.
  • Yoga X. I made it through all 1.5 hours of vinyasas and balance postures without fast-forwarding once, and I feel awesome!
  • Post-workout protein drink. Stuff’s practically a milkshake.
  • Late-night walks and heart-to-hearts with the sissy. Never get tired of it ❤
  • Reading about the Starrs‘ adventures in Australia.
  • Iced green tea. Everybody should have a pitcher of this superfood in the house at all times.
  • My God is always there.

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Cray-cray Vacay

Speaking of crazy . . . this is my youngest cousin, an aspiring super villain

Sorry, folks! 

The reason posting has been sparse lately is that Josh and I have been scrambling to get moved into our new apartment (I’m finally settled in. He hasn’t even seen the finished product.) and in the middle of it all, my cousins from Georgia are up for the week. The last thing I want is to be wasting time at my apartment–or on my blog for that matter.


  • Moving into the apartment on a Saturday and not getting any power until Monday. It felt like camping! I almost had to go without coffee in the morning. Roughin’ it.
  • Even after the power got switched on, I couldn’t get the AC to work ON THE HOTTEST RECORD-BREAKING NIGHT OF THE YEAR!
  • My “little” cousins are now taller than me. And giving me workout tips.
  • Speaking of working out, carrying Josh’s and my impressive but heavy book collection into the building one load at a time. Why did I choose to move during family vacation again? I sure haven’t gotten a break!
  • Bathing suits. Head-to-toe lycra would be better than all of the slippage when wet.
  • Jumped into the lake with my lovely watch gifted by the hubby. Still works, but it’s very ironic considering that the lovely bracelet he bought me last year met an end in the same lake.
  • Josh and I can’t for the life of us remember what time our friend’s wedding is this Saturday.


  • Off to Darien Lake with the whole fam today. Minus Josh :-(. That bit’s not awesome.
  • My grandparents celebrating 50 years of marriage with all of their kids and grandkids around 😀
  • Josh drove all the way up to Canandaigua just for the afternoon to attend my grandparents’ anniversary dinner. He is the sweetest! 
  • Legit buying one of every dessert for our table and then decimating them together.
  • My cousins are all so grown up. It’s so good to hang out with them. 
  • Josh might be going to grad school at University of Georgia, a mere twenty minutes from this awesome crew of kids!
  • I think the car is finally fixed!!!!!
  • Free lunch at school. That is the way to a married college student’s heart.
  • Rachel has a sunglasses tan. Baha.
  • Hopefully hitting up The Dark Knight Rises with the hubby this weekend. After the wedding, of course.

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: One for the Money

Does this look like a rehearsal to you?


  • The above awkward pic is not from this week. It is from three years ago. (Wow, that long?)
  • I have posted this ill-timed image because I have spent this week missing Messiah College theatre so very very much.
  • Poor Josh fell at work and really bruised up the old tailbone. Guess he won’t be much use helping us move 😦
  • Our lovely Camry is dying! So many memories in one little car. So little money to buy a new one . . .
  • My body trying to doze off while driving to work early in the morning. So scary!
  • Direct (and completely serious) quote from Josh’s foreign doctor at the ER after hearing Josh say that his butt hurt: “Do you have chronic butt problems?”
  • $1400 per person owed to the US government for health insurance. Thanks, Obama! You are the reason we can’t afford a new car.
  • The start of school is still so far away!

  • We’re moving this Saturday! Into an apartment with central air! And a dishwasher!
  • Everything’s packed up in bags and boxes. Beast!
  • Salisbury steak. One of the few foods that still tastes good in TV dinner form.
  • The Amazing Spiderman in 3D! A great reboot. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have so much chemistry and totally have the awkward high-schooler thing down. I also have the world’s biggest crush on Rhys Ifans.
  • Possible fashion journalism internship. Happy dance. Nervous twitching.
  • Hopefully going to see some friends in what looks like a great production of Spring Awakening this weekend.
  • Homemade screen-print t-shirts. So easy, but so creative 🙂 Expect a DIY post soon!
  • My academic adviser <3. Love you, Dr. Mrs!
  • This performance from So You Think You Can Dance tonight. Oh. My. Gosh. I couldn’t breathe. You must watch! It’s freakin’ “Unchained Melody!”

“Skippin’ Like a Stone” (Keuka Lake)

The houseboat roof was so small I couldn’t get my shadow out of the pic!

It never ceases to amaze me how being confined to a slightly claustrophobic floating cereal box in the middle of a body of water can make you feel more free than you’ve ever been. I just love the Finger Lakes and the time our family has spent on them over the years. I can think of nowhere better to celebrate Independence Day.

The only thing that could have made it better would have been if Josh had come with us 😦

Title is from “Independence” by The Band Perry

Some photos of mind-blowing aquatic acrobatics after the jump!!!

The Half-Submerged Pike Dive
The Cousin’s Splash Avoidance Maneuver
The Lady of Shalott
The Twisty Frog
The Happy Sea Otter
The 180 “Use Your Noodle”
I don’t know what to call this, but she’s obviously blasting fire out of her hair
The Urkel
The Cheerleader

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Red, White, and Blue

I got the above adorable package from ModCloth in the mail on Tuesday. Several weeks ago, I had made a $15 purchase on ModCloth called “A Stylish Surprise.” I entered my size and my credit card information and his “Confirm Order.”

I had no idea what I was ordering.

That’s the whole point! ModCloth did this amazing “Stylish Surprise” promotion to get people more excited about their lesser-known products. Most people, including me, seemed to think they only sold (gorgeously unique) indie dresses. The clincher for me was, buyers were promised a surprise product valued anywhere between $30 and $700. Worst case scenario, I get $15 off a $30 item. Best case, I get a whole lot more bang for my buck!

And I did! This is the gorgeous plaid pea coat ModCloth sent me. The arms are actually the right length for me. That never happens!

So all that to say, definitely one of the more awesome things that happened this week.

  • Dangit, can’t wear my new coat until winter!
  • I still get nightmares and then can’t get back to sleep when I’m staying down in my grandparents’ basement.
  • There are no books to process here at work today. Internet surfing for six hours? Meh. Not so much.
  • Torrential rains on the highway. Four-ways on, everyone! I can’t see a flippin’ thing!
  • I still can’t believe I watch The Bachelorette . . .
  • First world problems: Found out we were out of sugar in the break room after I poured my coffee, lol.

  • Dude, I don’t think you understand how awesome this coat is. It’s red, white, and blue and everything! Just in time for the Fourth!
  • Speaking of the Fourth, a blissful afternoon spent on my uncle’s houseboat with beloved family.
  • It feels so good having my cousin back from Japan. Having him here for Independence Day was really meaningful.  Hopefully we can hang out again soon before he heads back.
  • Wegmans red, white, and blue bread. Try it! It makes breakfast taste like fireworks 😀
  • Mom and Dad finalized their house purchase! They have a house to move into up here! Yaaaayy!
  • Speaking of moving, got all of my crap in the basement sorted and into boxes for our move into our schmexy new apartment next Saturday. Like a boss!

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Seriously Unawesome

  • So here is my sad story from this past weekend: I went to the Franklin Graham crusade experience Rock the Lakes with my grandma last Sunday. It is a free evangelical worship concert with artists such as Newsboys, Flyleaf, and my personal hero since childhood, Michael W. Smith. On a whim, I eagerly texted the number advertising a contest to win a backstage meet and greet with the evening’s artists, but since I don’t have a smart phone, I couldn’t figure out how to access the direct message they apparently sent me telling me that I WON! I found out Monday morning once I logged onto my laptop that I could have met Michael W. Smith!!! I was kind of devastated for life. Now, that’s beyond awkward. It’s seriously unawesome.
  • Admitting that I have been watching The Bachelorette for the first time this season. Oh, the horror . . .
  • My whole always craving ice cream thing isn’t helped by it being 95 degrees outside.
  • My city has made national news for a shameless act of bullying. You know the crying bus monitor video? Yeah, that happened 10 minutes from where I live. Also unawesome.
  • The fact that you might have missed out on these great posts because I forgot to announce them on Twitter and Facebook!

  • Seeing Michael W. Smith (again) up close and personal–even if he was on a stage and not chilling next to me at a backstage meet and greet :’-(
  • Remember how I cry about everything? Well, with this knowledge I probably shouldn’t have looked at these 21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity while at work.
  • Waffle cones. Now I know what the hubbub is about! 
  • An hour-long commute in 90-degree heat with no AC means an automatic blow dry each morning.
  • The Louisiana gospel band L’Angelus to whom I was introduced at Rock the Lakes. They are my new obsession! Can’t get enough of their sound. And I’ve never liked gospel music ever. Must be Rachel exposing me to all of that country.
  • The best Lobster Cob salad I could have imagined in my wildest dreams at Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel.
  • A fabulous hiking and swimming day trip with Mom and Rach on Tuesday.
  • The two weeks spent without my honey will be rewarded with an amazing FIVE-DAY weekend together come July. Okay, so that’s pretty awesome.