“Cold Water” (Hamlin Beach)


Josh and I recently had the wonderful and much-needed opportunity  to spend an afternoon relaxing with friends over a picnic on the beach. We hadn’t planned it this way. but it ended up kind of being a celebration of Josh landing his new job at Paychex and Neme scoring not one, but two part-time jobs as a line cook. Kristen and I are so proud of our men 🙂

I packed some beachy snacks (trail mix with real coconut slices for the win!), and we made the long trek to Hamlin Beach State Park where we relaxed in the breeze and the sparse sunlight. Everbody kept complaining that they were cold, but I was praising God that my pasty limbs could enjoy the day without fearing the sun’s beating rays.

The swimming area was actually closed, so we went to a secluded area to make sure no one could see us get into the water–

I mean, so we totally didn’t get in the water! *cough*

Actually, I was the only one who ended up appreciating the, shall we say, “brisk” waters of Lake Ontario. I had a ball frolicking and swimming on my own, but there’s only so much solitary swimming and frolicking you can do before you get really bored . . . and look really stupid.

And they were having so much fun without me . . .



I cannot express enough love for this picture


The trip was all Stryker’s idea!


“Photo shoot!”


“Does this look pensive and mysterious?”


“Gah! Skirt getting blown into the waves! Better go for cute and quirky . . . and wet.”


“Eh, screw it. I’m just wet.”

Title is from the song of the same name by Damien Rice

Flashback: First High-Fashion Shoot Part 4

Guys, I’ve made the decision to go back to my natural brown hair for this winter! Of course, this could just be an excuse for my redonkulously long, dark roots, but I promise! I’ve finally made up my mind.

Josh and I recently spent a night de-stressing by watching old webcam videos on my laptop that go back as far as high school. Josh was ogling my medium length, dark, bouncy curls and practically begged me to switch back . . . so I guess brown it is!

More of these bygone high fashion pics after the jump!

I kind of wanted to commemorate the hair change with some nostalgic photos of my ginger locks in all of their glory. Imagine my surprise when I found that these pictures from a January 2011 photo shoot with Kelly Sullivan hadn’t yet been posted!

I love my hair color here, and the dramatic makeup is so different for me. The grungy chair is also glorious 🙂


Photo Shoot: Awoken Beauty Part 2

Wow, does anybody even remember Awoken Beauty Part 1? Well, I assure you it was good. ‘Cause I’m not biased or anything.

After weeks of negligence on my part, here is the second half of the photos that resulted from this fairy-tale-inspired shoot with Rachel. For some context on what the idea behind this interesting “bed in the woods” theme we have going on. You can always check out the first post.

I hope these feel even just a little bit magical to you 🙂

More ethereal photos after the jump!

Doesn’t she have amazing eyes?

Photo Shoot: Awoken Beauty Part 1

The premise of this lovely, ethereal, fairy-tale shoot that Rachel was kind enough to help me out with is a question that I found myself asking while walking through the woods on my grandparents’ property.

“What if there were no prince by her side when Sleeping Beauty woke up?”

What if, in the age-old fairy tale, hundreds of years passed without her Prince Charming riding in to rescue her kingdom from it’s enchanted sleep? What if the curse wore off after years of hopelessness, and Beauty awoke alone to a castle and kingdom collapsed and overgrown beyond recognition? Would she feel fear and desperation? Or maybe just disappointment–even anger?

This is an example of the artsy-fartsy mishmash that goes through my head when I’ve gone too long without creating something.

Anyway, I’m now happy to present to you the first half of what I believe was a very successful photo shoot entitled Awoken Beauty.

More imaginative photos after the jump!

 More photos from the Awoken Beauty series to come!

Photo Shoot: ‘Athletique Chic’ Part 1

I am not an athletic person. 

I try to stay healthily active and I really enjoy a nice competitive game of water polo, but my talents do not typically relate to anything in any way “sporty.” Be this as it may, I do consider myself a fashionable person, and for this reason I found myself feeling just slightly pressured by the athletic-inspired fashion trend that first hit the runways last year and has only been growing stronger since then–not because I’m super influenced by trends, but because I hate limiting myself to a romantic/casual chic style. I don’t want my style to be easily defined as anything other than very “Jessi.”

All the fashion philosophizing aside, from now on I’m determined to make more of an effort to incorporate an urban athletic element into my look. 

In all honesty, I also have a fear of looking like I’m just getting back from the gym. This is why I decided to combine some high fashion and girly elements with my mesh shorts and t-shirt combo. The shredded tee is a DIY, by the way! Gotta layer a tank under that one . . .

For information on the characteristics that I believe to define a “sporty” style, check out this post.


First High-Fashion Shoot: Part 3

The third batch of pictures from my December shoot with Kelly, and a whole new look in this one. I really love how we kind of ended up with an earthier version of the 50s pinup vibe.

One more round of photos to be posted in the future! And then on to bigger and better things.

Right now, I’m busy editing photos of our weekend getaway to Italy and of Milan Fashion Week! No, I was not at any of the shows :-(, but I stalked around outside a bunch of them and spied several snazzy-looking models. I’ll be posting about runway trends and street style.

Until then, peace.

Plenty More Pics After the Jump!