What I Wore: Piko Party!


Marshalls top, American Eagle jeans, Payless leopard flats, silver hoop earrings from who knows where, watch from Loomis Barn

Josh and I went to our friend Piko’s birthday party recently. Piko is from Ethiopia and is one of the most colorblind people I’ve ever met. It enables him to see people for who they really are and what they have to offer–and he is one of the most brilliant, well-rounded, warm, engaging people I have ever met as a result.

IMG_0605 IMG_0613

This backyard party boasted Russians, Jamaicans, Hungarians, Swiss, French, Africans from all over who spoke French, and then Josh and I . . . yeah, we felt pretty darn uninteresting lol. Oh, and then there was Piko’s girlfriend my classmate Rachel who is a black Jew. Can’t get much more interesting than that.

This group of people were the open and loving type that making conversation and laughter completely effortless. We were truly blessed to spend an evening with them.


What I Wore: A Night to Honor Israel

Marshall’s leopard-striped dress, Salvation Army blazer, Target nude pumps

Josh and I had the honor of being a part of Rochester’s seventh annual Night to Honor Israel this past weekend. The event was described as “formal” with “dresses and suits more than welcome.” I was in a floor-length wine-colored gown an hour before leaving when my Mom called to inform me that my sister (ever mortified by my wardrobe) had texted all of her friends who had gone to this event in previous years to confirm that it was “not that kind of formal.”

I’ll be posting more about the event later, but for now I wanted to let you guys have a look at my toned-down version of formal.

What I Wore: This Is Snow Awkward

Okay, so the reason that I didn’t list where I bought all of my outfit elements in the caption like we bloggers are supposed to do is not because its been months since I have posted a What I Wore and I forgot the protocol.

It’s actually because I was pretty embarrassed about all of the awkwardness of this outfit.

  • So everything on my body in this pic was purchased at either Target or Walmart. Budgetista at her finest up in here.
  • Except my coat which is from Spain. I guess that’s kind of cool.
  • My husband and both of my parents all said independently of each other that this beanie makes me look like a homeless person.
  • My friend Ben said, “Nice orphan hat,” when he saw me at church. I guess orphan is better than homeless person . . .
  • Those white things around mt ankles are huge insulated hunting socks. It’s 13 degrees here.
  • I’m actually wearing huge earrings that go perfectly with my dress, but they’re kind of invisible in all of ma hurr.

If you live in my neck of the US, happy snow day! I hope it’s an awkward and awesome one.

What I Wore: The Great White Way

I realized recently that I haven’t posted What I Wore since coming back form Spain two months ago. You all must have assumed I haven’t been wearing any clothing! Haha 😉

No worries. I haven’t let myself go and become neither a nudist nor a sweatpants-and-Uggs style slacker. Not sure which would be worse . . .

Thrifted sundress, Payless shoes, Charming Charlie clutch, Amish shop watch, necklace gifted from Grandma

What I (Almost) Wore to Church

These pictures crack me up. They were taken months ago but never made it onto the blog. I didn’t think the dress I almost wore to church here in Avila but instead ended up trading for a sweater and slippers a few short hours after the photos were taken would hold any particular interest for you all. I say “almost” because our darling host mom forgot on this particular Sunday that we had told her of our plans to go to church. She started making us an elaborate lunch minutes before we were supposed to leave. Yes, lunch. Church starts pretty late over here in the land that honors sleep enough to devote three hours a day to its healthy maintenance. Viva la siesta!

Anyway, we probably should have gently reminded her according to the boundless honesty of the Spanish culture, but in reality, we really needed to stay home to work on homework anyway.

What’s worse? We had to catch a flight yesterday and didn’t go to church yet again. *GASP!* I know. Heathens one and all.

Thrifted dress and headband, K-mart sweater leggings, Charlotte Russe T-shirt, Payless shoes

Just pretend I’m winking in the above picture instead of awkwardly holding one mascara-smudge eyelid half open. “LOL, I’m so cute in my sundress and sweater leggings. Wink wink! GTG to Sweden now. BRB!”

Also, don’t be jealous about the short sleeves sans jacket. It wasn’t (and isn’t) anywhere near being warm enough to leave home dressed like this. I took my coat off just long enough to get the photos taken and then slithered right back into it. Can’t wait to return to New York where we get four seasons in the standard order and where church typically doesn’t interfere with eating or sleeping schedules.

Actually, I take that back. Sweden is the most beautiful place I have ever visited in my life, and I kind of want to live here forever. Pics tomorrow!

What I Wore: Miss America

Target jacket and t-shirt (the shirt is Josh’s), DIY tie-dye corduroys, and Payless boots

Yes, we’re still wearing jackets here in Avila. Sometime full-blown winter coats. I think this particular freckle on the face of Spain is a little confused when it comes to the seasons, because it reached sunny and 70 in January here while it is now rainy and (if we’re lucky) 50.

On the other hand, I could really care less, because in a little over three weeks, I will be enjoying Rochester‘s balmy spring weather. And you know what? I really couldn’t care less if it wasn’t sunny in my hometown right now. I’m so excited to go back to my busy life.

Not that the break hasn’t been absolutely lovely and the experience of a lifetime. It’s as if Josh and I got to have a gap year and work towards our college degrees at the same time. How many young married couples get to do that? No, we’re really at a place right now where we’re excited about everything. We can’t wait to squeeze every drop of enjoyment out of our last few weeks in Avila, every drop of knowledge out of our last few Spanish classes, and every memorable moment out of our final trip–our friend-filled trip to Sweden; but of course, we also can’t wait to return to the US.

I may be a world traveler now, but I am also an American girl. 

While I wouldn’t trade the mind-opening opportunities I have encountered here in Europe for anything, I miss the breadth of opportunities my home country has consistently provided for me all of my life. I am thrilled to be able to return to take advantage of them with new appreciation.

Take that, Avila weather!

What I Wore: Last Sweater of Spring

I know I make it look romantic, but it’s basically just cold.

Thrifted dress, DEB sweater, K-mart sweater leggings, Payless boots, Walmart necklace

I’ve decided that I don’t care if it is 35 degrees and sleeting out. I am NOT wearing one more sweater this April! In fact, I do not plan on wearing another sweater at least until the semester starts in the fall. There are too few sweater-free months of the year as it is without random hailstorms during Easter weekend.

It NEVER rains here!!! It just does not rain in Avila (ahem, exaggeration). Of course, the year that I am here, the cosmic weatherman decides that not only will it rain for all of spring break, but that it will spontaneously hail. Hence the out-of-season fashion choice to layer up. The cold is severely limiting my wardrobe as I strive ineffectively to sneak some spring-and-perhaps-summery items into my daily ensembles.

I can’t lie. I love a good sweater. I am particularly fond of the near-comically oversized variety of sweater known as a cat-lady sweater. What I cannot abide, however, is leaving my good jeans in Ireland, having nothing but skirts and shorts to get me through my final weeks here, and freezing to death when I attempt to don such pieces on a frigid day such as today (and all the days of the past week!).

Let my casting off of all sweaters be symbolic of my rebellion against the forces of Old Man Winter and Punxatawney Phil!