What I Wore: The Great White Way

I realized recently that I haven’t posted What I Wore since coming back form Spain two months ago. You all must have assumed I haven’t been wearing any clothing! Haha 😉

No worries. I haven’t let myself go and become neither a nudist nor a sweatpants-and-Uggs style slacker. Not sure which would be worse . . .

Thrifted sundress, Payless shoes, Charming Charlie clutch, Amish shop watch, necklace gifted from Grandma


Live Well, Dress Well: Fourth Festivities

How to dress for Independence Day is probably never a big question in the minds of today’s fashionistas. Some charming but cliche combination of red, white, and blue is sure to do the trick.

But how can one really stand out fashion-wise in the same old shades of red, white, and blue? I mean, we all want to be patriotic, but we don’t all want to look like little clones of Uncle Sam. We want to be unique as well, and hopefully (I know I do) we want to be classy.As much as I love Katy Perry and her sense of style, this is not especially classy. Definitely unique, though!

Here’s an idea!

How about dressing for what you’ll be doing on this day rather than dressing for the day itself?

Here are three sample outfits based on your Fourth of July Festivities.

1. BBQ Cutie

If your plans include a nice family event or any type of get-together where you want to feel a little more feminine and put-together (or want to catch the eye of a certain someone who looks juts great in his board shorts), pairing a high-waisted skirt with nautical stripes is a great way to give off a fun-loving, flirty, and slightly more formal vibe.

Add some girly and glamorous details like a sleek watch, a flower headband, and golden glads. Best to keep the shoes flat to avoid looking a little too dressy. It is a barbecue, after all 😉

2. All Night Long

No matter how hot the day may be, you’ll wish you were layered up if you’re planning any type of late-night fireworks-watching escapade followed by partying into the early morning. For one thing, temperatures can plummet in the hours past midnight regardless of daytime highs. For another, bugs can’t bite skin that they can’t find! So cover up!

Starting with blue jeans and then adding red and white accents such as a quirky printed t-shirt and red heels (I would go with wedges since you’ll be on your feet for awhile) is the key to looking party-ready without overdoing the Independence-Day pride. These star earrings are also a subtle and sexy rockstar nod to the American flag. Instead of a hoodie or sweater, bring along a jacket that looks fierce enough to amp up your night-out look.

Pro Tip: Embrace neutral accessories to keep from looking too costumey.

3. I’m On a Boat

My family members are lake people, and we are spending Wednesday afternoon and evening on my uncle’s new houseboat!

If your Fourth looks anything like mine, there’s bound to be a lot of swimming involved, so try working a retro bathing suit into your boating-day outfit. Layering a fun pattern like polka dots (I would probably avoid stars and stripes) under a drapey tank (or crop top) and distressed shorts is an easy recipe for a fun summer holiday look.

If you’re craving a little star-spangled banner, why not just add a cool star bangle like this one? You might want to skip the earrings to avoid losing them in the water! As for shoes, they don’t call ’em boat shoes for nothing! Shy away from heels and other non-sturdy numbers if you plan on being on a boat.

P.S. If you’re more of a bikini girl, you can make that work, too. Just don’t wear a white shirt over that soon-to-be-sopping-wet swimsuit!

What are your plans for the Independence Day? I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for ways to dress for your Fourth festivities.

Live Well, Dress Well: Easy Trends to Try Right Now

Hi, all! 
It’s been a while since I took a minute to pull together a fashion post. These Polyvore sets are real time-suckers.  
These are some outfits that I included in my application for the College Fashion writing internship. I needed to comment on my favorite current fashion trends. Well, they were more current back in March when I submitted the application . . . 
Anyway, I have been a fan of College Fashion for about four years, and I really wanted to land this internship with them since my blogging style is often very similar to theirs. While I didn’t get the job I still wanted to share these trendy outfit ideas with you all!
I thought it would be fun if I based each outfit idea on an outfit that I’ve personally worn in a past fashion shoot. What do you think?

**NOTE** The focus was on both summer and fall fashions, so just ignore the chunky sweaters that I’m sure you won’t be sporting in this heat!

1.  Athletic-Inspired

Bright colors and simple athletic silhouettes mixed with surprising feminine details such as velvet, a wedge heel, or some bangles are what bring the sporty side of any style to life. Check out this post for more tips for looking like a champ without looking like you’re coming back from a pickup game at school.

2. Warm Hues
Even if this season’s so-hot brights are a bit much much for you, you can still embrace the fiery palettes lighting up the runways by choosing romantic color mediums like lace and chiffon to create an ensemble that is very easy on the eyes. 

3. Classic Silhouettes

Simplicity and sophistication are super-hot wardrobe staples now as always. Start with a sheath dress and then accentuate your mature shape with a well-fitting jacket for a look worthy of breakfast at Tiffany’s. You could pull off this timeless style at a job interview or dinner out.

4. Crop Tops

Anyone can show a little skin, but try to rock a crop that goes outside the box this summer. Look for unique cropped styles such as polo necklines or asymmetrical hems to bring a new level of trendiness to a relaxed outfit. Layering is also a great option for more conservative fashionistas like me.

5. Short Chic

From shorts to rompers, summer’s bottoms have a classy vintage pin-up vibe about them. Embrace it with well-tailored styles and nautical-inspired details like Breton tops and Sperry-style loafers. Don’t forget a beach-ready hat!

I hope you enjoyed these fashion trend ideas and can incorporate them into some of your looks this summer and fall.

What’s your favorite look that’s hot right now? Tell me in the comments!

What I Wore: Traveling Light

Thrifted sweater, Charlotte Russe hat, Stradivarius coat, DIY corduroys and scarf, Payless shoes

This is my favorite outfit to wear when we travel. Something about it makes me feel cute and sophisticated while staying warm and comfortable. Layers are always nice in the event of changing weather, too.

My keyboard is broken, and I’ve had to type these two lines one letter at a time. So I’m signing off!

Josh and I visited Windsor Castle and the London Zoo today, so pics from that will be coming up later 😀

This world is so big!
Take a bow for finally getting through typing this post . . .

5 More Looks from Milan Fashion Week 2012 (Fall/Winter)

6. Classy Sophistication

Many of this year’s Fall and Winter fashions were surprisingly conservative and mature–but also with much paler color schemes than the traditional sophistication of black. A white or similarly light-colored pencil skirt paired with gray and silver accents is a great way to achieve this look.  Bonus: envelope clutches are very trendy right now thanks to Kate Middleton! As far as a top is concerned, an off-shoulder blouse is an element of style both sophisticated and edgy. For cooler weather, try a light-colored blazer.

7. Shimmer and Shine

From glitter and sequins to metallics and satin–the Milan runways were simply sparkling this past week. My personal favorite way of styling this (potentially wild) trend is to start with some basic colorful pieces like a button-up shirt and colored skinny jeans and then adding shimmering accessories. A studded jacket can also add an unexpected pop of shine.

8. Black and White Affair

Don’t be deceived by the simplicity of this color scheme. Monochromatic and dichromatic outfits can be very powerful and are always in fashion. The trick is to select pieces in black and/or white that boast a unique style despite their simple coloring. Mixing classic and modern pieces can be very appealing as well–for example, pairing this geometric print dress and clear Lucite bracelet with a 1950’s beach-babe-esque floppy hat. Also try mixing textures like in the above images featuring fur, tulle, velvet, and nylon.

9. Warm Color Palettes

Just because black and white are popular this year (like most years) does not indicate that there was a lack of color on the runways. In fact, warm brights were a favorite trend of countless designers. Like with many potentially loud trends, balancing out very chic and modern bright colors such as gold and red with more traditional styles can create a very unique and wearable look. Try oxfords, a classic skirt (color-blocked if possible), a trendy blazer, and cameo earrings. I never stop lusting over these Victorian gems! They add instant romantic class to any outfit.

10. Repeated Patterns

It is unfortunate that this was one of my least favorite themes of Milan Fashion Week since it was unarguably the favorite trend of the season. It would be easier to list the designers who didn’t employ this style than those who did. To make this (I believe dizzying) trend a bit more mild and accessible, I kept the other elements of the outfit simple and earthy with a chunky cardigan, simple skinny jeans, and wedge-heeled desert boots. The only pop of repeated geometric print is this gorgeous tank top. I consider this a nice bite-sized incarnation of the high-fashion look. Don’t forget to add a colorful accessory or two to bring out the playfulness of your repeated pattern.

Hope these looks were inspiring!

5 Looks from Milan Fashion Week 2012 (Fall/Winter)

While international fashion shows such as those conducted during Milan Fashion Week are certainly inspiring and can give a great idea of what the hottest trends will be in upcoming seasons, high fashion is definitely not an everyday look that all of us are able (or or want to) achieve. 

I’ve featured some Milan trends in this post and paired them with a suggestion of how these looks can be incorporated into more accessible everyday outfits.

1. Sheer Fabrics 

It’s easy for the sheer trend to turn into a best-kept-in-the-bedroom look if you’re not careful, so one of my favorite options is to try is a chiffon maxi skirt with plenty of gauzy layers. Skirts in this style look great with strappy sandals and girly details. Pair with a drapey t-shirt to keep with the romantic look, and add a belt to enhance your shape. Sexy, on-trend, and covered up 😉

2. Hats, Hats, and More Hats 

This was a hard look for me to channel in just one outfit because hats this year were incredibly popular and incredibly diverse. A good rule of thumb would be to just aim for a type of hat that you don’t usually wear and form an outfit around it. The structured and military-inspired looks on Max Mara runways had a definite charm to them. It seemed like a good place to start to me. Try a tailored button-up jacket.

3. Velvet Goldmine

Unique colored and patterned velvet designs were everywhere from Bottega Veneta to Gucci last week. The theme was fearlessness about pairing a glamorous fabric like velvet with more experimental colors and styles. Try pairing some luxurious velvet with brights and some edgy details to translate this runway look into your wardrobe.

Two more looks after the jump! 

4. Animal Prints and Fur

Fur and leopard were the buzz words at Milan Fashion Week, but other prints such as zebra and tiger were present as well. Even more interestingly, designers crafted fur pieces in bold and unnatural colors such as blue, purple, red, and orange. Don’t be afraid to pair a totally-in fur vest or other fur accessory with bright colors or even with other animal prints.

5. “Death Eater” Dresses

I believe that the technical term in the industry for this dark and stormy style is “Gothic,” but I will forever associate it with Rowling’s Death Eaters since this fashion post from last year. Gothic is probably a more apt name as it has a connotation not only of mysterious black fashions, but also of the dramatic styles associated with the Gothic era of art in Europe. A black lace frock is the perfect canvas on which to create a Gothic masterpiece. Add some staunch Victorian-era details such as jewelry, and you’ll give any gargoyle a run for his money!

I hope these looks have inspired to to bring a little bit of Milan’s high-fashion into your everyday ensembles! Click here for 5 more looks!