A God Story

I was once asked by a precious pastor friend to articulate my Christian faith in a way that made sense to me that I might share it with our congregation. This two-part poem is the result of that request.

Born and Bred

1. Born
He who walked the Milky Way
Who inhaled empty space
And exhaled spiral galaxies
Who strolled on time
And danced on days
Whose touch spanned sky and sea
Whose arms embraced eternity
Who left the cosmos to touch me
He who compressed the best and biggest
Love the world has ever known
Into an embryo no bigger than
How I must seem from outer space
When He bends down to touch my face
His godhood balled up breathlessly
In manhood
Oh the agony
He dreamt in darkness—
Dreamt of me
On the other side of those nine months
Where I waited cluelessly
This babe’s mortality haunted Him
And I, unaware I’d ever sinned,
Had never needed or wanted Him
How could I dream He wanted me?
And on that day when He burst free
From amniotic mystery—
From mother’s womb—
From darkest tomb—
That night he took His first full breath
Took my sin in His tiny hands
Breathed his innocence into me
Lived to die His foreshadowed death
He was born
And I was born

2. Bread
Do this and remember me
But how can I remember thee
When as of yet
You haven’t left?
I’ve had no moment to forget
Remember your body—
Broken for me
My sin poured on your head?
Remember your word—
Spoken to me
My dear daily bread?
They’re too real from the moment
I open my eyes
To let me forget the reason why
You placed me under this earthly sky
With an open heart
And mind
And mouth
And an empty stomach, starving—
Craving your wisdom that I might learn
To love you in my way
Until you return
You alone are a loaf of life
And curiosity’s the knife
You’ve armed me with
To carve away a piece for me
Of your mind-bending majesty
You’ve poured on me voracity
But there are others hungering—
Alone, afraid, unknown, unfed—
So here I am
Send me

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