A Love Story

“Dippin’ Dots” by my husband Josh

Dippin’ Dots. I never thought in a million years that those little frozen balls of “whatever-they-are” would ever serve as the pilots of my future, but the people who say that God works in mysterious ways aren’t just talking.

In the midst of flashing lights and blaring vibrations, I found myself between two beautiful smiles, each chattering the well-known phrases that start with “So what’s your favorite…?” and end something like “Really? Mine too.”  It occurred to me that this was no chance encounter. I needed to use the show-stopper—get out the big guns. You know, go get some Dippin’Dots. We had seen the ads walking in, and I remembered that the girl on the left, Rachel, said it was her “favorite food.” She had declared, “it’s like ice cream, but totally different.” Jessica, the girl on the right, smiled and said, “Sure, I’d love to try some.” 

Needless to say, within the amount of time it took for me scrounge up four dollars and one lone quarter, I was off. The shuffling, shimmying, and endless “Excuse me’s” and “pardon me’s” of the process drove me wild. “Don’t these people know I have somewhere to be?” I thought to myself.

I looked up briefly. Behind me, the girls exchanged excited glances, their eyes sentries scanning the crowd for any sight of their hero. In front of me, the band played the last few notes of their chart-topper that made the crowd stand and roar. I continued to the flooding atrium; my sixteen-year-old legs could not carry me swiftly enough. Reaching the back of the line, I palmed my cash like a brick of bullion and mumbled to myself, “Was it cookie dough or mint chocolate chip?” Though the line moved a little faster than a snail’s sprint, I finally reached the front with my mind fixed on a decision. “One mint chocolate chip, please” was all I had to say, and then success came with a spoon.

Fearing the concert was all but over; I ascended the levels of metal and plastic bleachers. Luckily, with a wave of their arms and a little giggle, I made my way through the multitudes, reaching my final destination, prize in hand. 

Uncertain of the courses of our futures beyond that night, we cracked open the pricey little dish; the conversation and music thickened the warm air while we were cooled by our small, communal spoonfuls of Dippin’ Dots.

Josh and Jessi fell in love and were married at ages 20 and 18 on August 7, 2010.

They don’t really know what they are doing, but God is good, and love is strong.

Even though Jessi’s little sister Rachel was also crushing on Josh at the time, she quickly forgave her lovestruck sister and still counts both of them as her closest friends.

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