The Good, Bad & Ugly of Cat Parenthood

IMG_0675 This post is written in lieu of an Awkward & Awesome. Because cats.

I definitely haven’t been secretive about Josh’s and my recent pet parenthood . . . except for my initial joke that seemed to hint at a very different kind of parenthood. On the other hand, I haven’t spoken about our new kitties very explicitly at all here on the blog.

Probably because I am freaking exhausted.

Here is a post dedicated entirely to our new little loves in all of their ups and downs.




  • Beautiful tiger stripes and angelic face
  • Loves to get her belly rubbed. She thinks she is a dog.
  • Hops around on hind legs. She also thinks she is a person.
  • Likes me more than Daddy 😉


  • Gets lonely, cries like a fiend, and scratches the door when locked out of any room


  • Obsessed with shiny things like glass and water. Must knock over anything made of or containing these materials. So much wet. Many broken. Wow.



  • Beautiful charcoal, rust, and white fur coat
  • So affectionate. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so loved.
  • Likes Daddy more than me so he doesn’t feel left out


  • Won’t let you get anything done if she’s in the mood for loving on you. You will be immobilized by her tiny body of cuddlage.


  • Plays in the litter box and flings litter EVERYWHERE
  • “Loves on you” by holding your face down with her paws and licking your nose raw with the world’s scratchiest tongue



  • Love absolutely everyone. Not skiddish at all. They make everybody feel like a best friend.
  • Cheaper than a baby


  • Own anything made of fabric in the whole house. Your sock? Theirs. New leggings? Theirs. Favorite scarf? Theirs. It can be reclaimed in the bottom level of their cat tower, aka “the stash.”


  • Knock over the garbage can and eat gross things like egg shells, boiled kale, and a paper towel that chicken was sitting on–or drag them all around the house to play with.
  • Can’t spend more time with them because of work.

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