L’Angelus and Pure Louisiana – “Ca C’est Bon!”

I know I’m a total sap when it comes to music, but this song literally makes me cry tears of joy every single time I hear it.

There is just so much right about this style of music. It’s full of passion, simple pleasures, and the joy and beauty of the everyday struggles of this life. It’s a snapshot of a culture, really. That is a big factor in why I finally got turned on to country music after all this time. It’s about a culture of hope and of happiness in any circumstance.

L’Angelus is a band of siblings with roots in Louisiana–Cajun roots. So what picture of Cajun culture do I get from their music? Well, there are hurricanes, sugar cane, fiddles, falling in the love with the girl next door, and a whole lot of speaking French with southern accents (which I absolutely heart, by the way.)

Does that about cover it?

Oh, and there’s also amazing food! But that’s something that I’ll have to experience for myself rather than vicariously through a song. That would just be too painful . . .

Anyway, I’m in love with this band, in love with their music, and singing this song in the rain today.


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