Awkward and Awesome Valentine


  • The puffy-eyed lady above is coming up on two weeks with an IC flare-up. I’m honestly exhausted and pretty depressed, but nothing can make me smile like a goofball the way Josh can.
  • Rethinking going back on the IC diet. Goodbye fruit and chocolate . . .
  • Exam and a project due at the same time–on Valentine’s Day. I’m not feeling very loved, lol.
  • ALDIs now sells authentic Spanish cheese. We’re stocking up and pigging out!
  • Josh has a cold, and there is a tissue stuffed up his nose as I write this. Haha, can you tell I’m tired and can’t think of much to say? πŸ™‚
  • As much as I hate to admit it, Kourtney & Kim Take Miami is fascinating. I actually find myself relating *shudder* to Kourtney and Scott . . .


  • My sweet, supportive hubby who waits on me while I’m sick and heats up my corn bag ten times an hour.
  • We had a great dinner of Spanish-style potato salad and pork loin. I’ve missed this stuff!
  • Class was cancelled for tomorrow, so winter break is officially on!
  • Romantic brunch tomorrow ❀ Hopefully I’ll be feeling better so that we can have a real Valentine’s Day date.
  • The Thurstons are coming for a visit this Saturday. This is the first time they’ve visited our apartment!
  • They’re bringing our new dining room table with them πŸ˜€


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