From Braveheart to Booritos

Oh, the things I choose to do with my “free” time . . .

Josh and I weren’t really planning on celebrating Halloween when we first got married. Halloween meant costumes, and costumes meant money, which we didn’t have . . . so when I surprised my hubby with two matching Braveheart costumes made completely from scratch (materials totaling $20 for both), he was tickled. Embarrassed as I’m sure he was, he agreed to sport the outfit like a man to show support for his artsy and frugal wifey.

We wore our DIY costumes proudly that first Halloween together, even putting in a good 45 minutes to paint Josh’s face blue like the film icon he was emulating. We headed to our first ever Halloween party that Saturday night–and proceeded to get locked out of our car in a Walmart parking lot in costume. I texted my friends to let them know that we would be late, and received an unsympathetic “you do know the party is tomorrow night, right?” in response. We didn’t go through the ordeal the following night in order to attend the party.

Fast forward to year 2 when we excitedly donned the costumes yet again (no one had seen them the year before) to walk through our first ever haunted house. On the one hand, this was a terrible experience, as we quickly realized that the adrenaline spike created by being severely startled every 15 seconds is not our idea of fun. On the other hand, several of the very talented and highly creepy actors in the haunted house even took a moment to moan or shriek (still in character, mind you) “Nice costuuuume . . .”

That year, All Hallows Eve proved an interesting and memorable experience all around, but as we quickly ripped off the uncomfortable get-ups the moment we got home, we realized in horror that we had no photographic evidence of our two-years-in-a-row charade!

Here I called myself a blogger and an amateur photographer, and I had documented neither of our family’s Halloween experiences (both of which just so happened to showcase my own creative handiwork).

Note the wallet ad cell phone tucked under his belt. He is too cute!

Well, this year, after spending all of yesterday resigned to the fact that we would not be celebrating Halloween after all, we found out from dear friend Kristen that Chipotle Mexican Grill was offering $2 meals to anyone who showed up in costume!

William Wallace and Princess Isabella made their final appearance, this time immortalized forever in digital form.

I wonder what creative DIY couple’s costumes we’ll be donning next year?

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