Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Again

Highly awesome Rochester weather here on campus. Photo courtesy of Stryker Ostafew’s Instagram


  • Posting an Awkward and Awesome Thursday when I haven’t posted anything since last Thursday when I posted the last Awkward and Awesome Thursday . . .
  • Midterms about a week before the final. What?
  • Not having enough time after my night class to get into costumes for a party where there would be a couples’ costume contest, so Josh and I just switched coats and pretended to be dressed as each other. We didn’t win anything, lol.
  • I miss photography. More downtime, please!
  • Getting only an 82 on my Human Sexuality exam. This was embarrassing since I’m pretty sure I’m one of the few people in that class who actually has sex regularly :-/
  • Sorry, tmi . . .


  • Going with Bekah to see Freud’s Last Session, a two-man show where C.S. Lewis visits Sigmund Freud who is anticipating his own death. I freakin’ love theater and I freakin’ love C.S. Lewis!
  • Indian summer, ya’ll! It’s unspeakably gorgeous today. Sunny, warm, and I would even go as far as to say “hot.”
  • Till We Have Faces by (guess who?) C.S. Lewis. I had to read it for an ethics class, and boy, am I glad I did! It was absolutely beautiful. I think I’m going to make it into a movie some day.
  • Mini pigs in blankets. They are way too poppable. I ate sooo many.
  • Getting wedged up against a terribly parked Mustang‘s headlight and freaking out so much that I asked a perfect stranger to unpark my car for me! Can you believe there was no damage? Well, except to my pride.
  • Writing a column for the Beacon newspaper. That’s actually how Bekah and I got free tickets to the play!

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