For Your Inspiration: Spain and Art in Everything

This year, I have the extreme pleasure of being enrolled in a mid-level art class that is actually required for my Communication major. I’m not just squeezing it in because I can’t stand the thought of completing college without take at least one fascinating art class. It’s legitimately required of me. It gets even better. This required course which I am only all too happy to take is a digital film course. Will wonders never cease? It’s like they know me over in the registrar’s office!

Introduction to Digital Video I has not only given me the technical and editorial knowledge to go with my creative filmmaking brain. It has also conditioned me to see the art just waiting to be realized in every moment of every day. I can hardly walk down the street without planning intricate shots and envisioning impossible choreography atop buildings and trees. My mind is being retrained to be aware of color and light, movement, and line, even good and evil.

Parallel by Richard Serra. Part of a collection of sculptures entitled Equal.

In such a state, I haven’t been able to help myself these days from recollecting the invigorating creative atmosphere of Europe–all of the rich and inspiring history and the equally inspiring movements of modern thought and art. Months ago in a world across the ocean, I took a daytrip to Madrid with two precious friends. We all agreed to make a stop by the world-famous Reina Sofia museum. While less-known compared to the classical Prado museum, the Reina Sofia proved not only equally impressive, but even more inspiring to me than the Prado did.

This museum expanded my mind when it came to what I consider art to be and what I consider to be art. I can’t wait to share these thoughts and impressions with you.

This post is proving difficult for me, as it is an attempt to capture in pictures and words something that I don’t believe can be captured by anything less than what it is. 

I can’t recommend enough that you make an effort to venture to a contemporary art museum and offer yourself over to the sheer wonder as well as the sheer confusion. you will not regret it.

Surprisingly mild sculpture for someone with a mind like Salvador Dali’s

A more typical Dali piece

Negative photos and metallic handwritten text. Love mixed media . . .

The little orange and green nubs are slices of giant hardcover books. The one said “Are You Confused?” as the title.

Amazing. Makes me think of a window display in an Anthropologie store.

Accurately reflecting my not always particularly deep thoughts on abstract art.

Never fool yourself into thinking that art ends once you leave the museum

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