Awkward & Awesome Thursday: Everybody’s Lives A-Changin’

Just two best friends playing together

This was such an exciting week! Parents moving, friends getting engaged and married right and left, Josh being so close to moving back in with his dear wifey–it’s too much!

  • The sheer amount of Adventure Time stuffed animals present at tonight’s get-together. Every size imaginable.
  • We have something like three miles of trails through the woods behind campus. How did I miss this for two years?
  • Being asked for my name and responding, “Thurston _Jessica.” It’s my login at work . . .
  • Going to the liquor store late at night to buy some of our favorite coconut rum to finally celebrate our 2nd anniversary, and realizing not only that the stores all close at nine, but that I’m under 21 and can’t legally drink in this country . . . That was my blonde moment of the year.
  • When I typed that sentence, I wrote that the liquor stores all close at “wine” by mistake. LOL.
  • Can I just say that you’re almost never invited to the weddings you expect. I feel like I’m always thinking, “Oh these friends of mine didn’t invite me to their wedding?” “Wait, who are these people inviting me to their wedding?”
  • Working on my screenplay for next summer’s film. So much stress, but so much fun! I don’t know whether to love it or hate it!

  • My family is officially moved in to their new Rochester abode! It’s so surreal to have them here 🙂
  • Co-workers Brandon and Stryker dropping everything to come and help move my parents into their new home. Somebody has an automatic invite to dinner any time they like!
  • Stryker’s townhouse apartment. I mean, I’m really not surprised, but seriously. Couldn’t just one thing about him not be totally and completely awesome and chill? Must post pictures of this guys decor at some point.
  • Just Dance 3 at midnight.
  • Surfing Google to help Josh research for the CLEP essay exam he’s going to be taking soon on analyzing and interpreting literature. I wanted to help him bone up on both classic lit and some popular contemporary novels. I don’t think referencing 50 Shades of Grey in an academic paper is going to help his grade any . . .
  • Two dear friends just got engaged yesterday with my help <3. The guy (that’s him with the beard in the pic above) planned an elaborate treasure hunt to the places where all of their most memorable moments occurred on campus, and Josh and I were one of the clues she had to find. So cute!

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