"They’re Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace"

Okay, so they’re not actually changing the guard in these pictures, but that was the coolest thing about this day in London.

Here Josh and I were all miffed that we wouldn’t be able to tour the inside of Buckingham Palace or even see the outside on a day when they were changing the guard. We dragged ourselves all the way across St. James Park just to say that we had glimpsed the royal residence, and what do you know? We’re shoved out of the street and onto the sidewalk by mounted bobbies to make way for a parade or royal guards that’s about to come through!

From what I’ve been told, the parade was actually much more interesting than the changing of the guard usually is. What a surprise blessing!

In other news, farewell to the London Olympic Games!

I just found out yesterday that one of my college friends has spent the past month in London attending the games. Jealousy may have just caused our relationship to plummet from “friends” to “acquaintances.”

Title is from the poem “Buckingham Palace” by my favorite poet, A. A. Milne.

More pics of the parade after the jump!

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