2016 Olympics, Here We Come!

I’m no graphic designer, but after having let the entire 25 days of the London Olympics pass by without saying a peep about them here on Nine to Phive, I knew I had to do something. Not a single fashion post inspired by USA uniforms? Not a single comment on the artistry of rhythmic or creative gymnastics (events I didn’t even know existed until this year)?

Well, I guess you could call this a promotional poster for Team USA. Such things certainly aren’t my area of expertise, but I think it’s a fitting tribute to everything that the US athletes accomplished at these 30th Olympic Games.

Can somebody say “We dominated!!”?

Because we dominated. The USA took home 104 total medals–almost 20 more than China, the nearest contender at 88 medals overall. Not only this, the United States women really brought down the house in London with gold medals being handed out to our ladies right and left–Gabby Douglas in gymnastics, Alison Felix in track & field, youngsters Missy Franklin and Katie Ledecky in swimming, veterans Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings in volleyball, women’s soccer featuring my fellow Rochesterian Abby Wambach–the list goes on! This great article elaborates on the US female powerhouses of the 2012 games.

All that to say, this little work of art I have whipped up for you today sums up my predictions for the Rio de Janeiro Games in 2016.

Rio is ours.

By ‘ours’ I could mean that the Games belong to the United States, or I could mean that they belong to the women of the world.

We’ll just have to see.


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