Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Cray-cray Vacay

Speaking of crazy . . . this is my youngest cousin, an aspiring super villain

Sorry, folks! 

The reason posting has been sparse lately is that Josh and I have been scrambling to get moved into our new apartment (I’m finally settled in. He hasn’t even seen the finished product.) and in the middle of it all, my cousins from Georgia are up for the week. The last thing I want is to be wasting time at my apartment–or on my blog for that matter.


  • Moving into the apartment on a Saturday and not getting any power until Monday. It felt like camping! I almost had to go without coffee in the morning. Roughin’ it.
  • Even after the power got switched on, I couldn’t get the AC to work ON THE HOTTEST RECORD-BREAKING NIGHT OF THE YEAR!
  • My “little” cousins are now taller than me. And giving me workout tips.
  • Speaking of working out, carrying Josh’s and my impressive but heavy book collection into the building one load at a time. Why did I choose to move during family vacation again? I sure haven’t gotten a break!
  • Bathing suits. Head-to-toe lycra would be better than all of the slippage when wet.
  • Jumped into the lake with my lovely watch gifted by the hubby. Still works, but it’s very ironic considering that the lovely bracelet he bought me last year met an end in the same lake.
  • Josh and I can’t for the life of us remember what time our friend’s wedding is this Saturday.


  • Off to Darien Lake with the whole fam today. Minus Josh :-(. That bit’s not awesome.
  • My grandparents celebrating 50 years of marriage with all of their kids and grandkids around 😀
  • Josh drove all the way up to Canandaigua just for the afternoon to attend my grandparents’ anniversary dinner. He is the sweetest! 
  • Legit buying one of every dessert for our table and then decimating them together.
  • My cousins are all so grown up. It’s so good to hang out with them. 
  • Josh might be going to grad school at University of Georgia, a mere twenty minutes from this awesome crew of kids!
  • I think the car is finally fixed!!!!!
  • Free lunch at school. That is the way to a married college student’s heart.
  • Rachel has a sunglasses tan. Baha.
  • Hopefully hitting up The Dark Knight Rises with the hubby this weekend. After the wedding, of course.

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