Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Red, White, and Blue

I got the above adorable package from ModCloth in the mail on Tuesday. Several weeks ago, I had made a $15 purchase on ModCloth called “A Stylish Surprise.” I entered my size and my credit card information and his “Confirm Order.”

I had no idea what I was ordering.

That’s the whole point! ModCloth did this amazing “Stylish Surprise” promotion to get people more excited about their lesser-known products. Most people, including me, seemed to think they only sold (gorgeously unique) indie dresses. The clincher for me was, buyers were promised a surprise product valued anywhere between $30 and $700. Worst case scenario, I get $15 off a $30 item. Best case, I get a whole lot more bang for my buck!

And I did! This is the gorgeous plaid pea coat ModCloth sent me. The arms are actually the right length for me. That never happens!

So all that to say, definitely one of the more awesome things that happened this week.

  • Dangit, can’t wear my new coat until winter!
  • I still get nightmares and then can’t get back to sleep when I’m staying down in my grandparents’ basement.
  • There are no books to process here at work today. Internet surfing for six hours? Meh. Not so much.
  • Torrential rains on the highway. Four-ways on, everyone! I can’t see a flippin’ thing!
  • I still can’t believe I watch The Bachelorette . . .
  • First world problems: Found out we were out of sugar in the break room after I poured my coffee, lol.

  • Dude, I don’t think you understand how awesome this coat is. It’s red, white, and blue and everything! Just in time for the Fourth!
  • Speaking of the Fourth, a blissful afternoon spent on my uncle’s houseboat with beloved family.
  • It feels so good having my cousin back from Japan. Having him here for Independence Day was really meaningful.  Hopefully we can hang out again soon before he heads back.
  • Wegmans red, white, and blue bread. Try it! It makes breakfast taste like fireworks 😀
  • Mom and Dad finalized their house purchase! They have a house to move into up here! Yaaaayy!
  • Speaking of moving, got all of my crap in the basement sorted and into boxes for our move into our schmexy new apartment next Saturday. Like a boss!

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