Live Well, Dress Well: Easy Trends to Try Right Now

Hi, all! 
It’s been a while since I took a minute to pull together a fashion post. These Polyvore sets are real time-suckers.  
These are some outfits that I included in my application for the College Fashion writing internship. I needed to comment on my favorite current fashion trends. Well, they were more current back in March when I submitted the application . . . 
Anyway, I have been a fan of College Fashion for about four years, and I really wanted to land this internship with them since my blogging style is often very similar to theirs. While I didn’t get the job I still wanted to share these trendy outfit ideas with you all!
I thought it would be fun if I based each outfit idea on an outfit that I’ve personally worn in a past fashion shoot. What do you think?

**NOTE** The focus was on both summer and fall fashions, so just ignore the chunky sweaters that I’m sure you won’t be sporting in this heat!

1.  Athletic-Inspired

Bright colors and simple athletic silhouettes mixed with surprising feminine details such as velvet, a wedge heel, or some bangles are what bring the sporty side of any style to life. Check out this post for more tips for looking like a champ without looking like you’re coming back from a pickup game at school.

2. Warm Hues
Even if this season’s so-hot brights are a bit much much for you, you can still embrace the fiery palettes lighting up the runways by choosing romantic color mediums like lace and chiffon to create an ensemble that is very easy on the eyes. 

3. Classic Silhouettes

Simplicity and sophistication are super-hot wardrobe staples now as always. Start with a sheath dress and then accentuate your mature shape with a well-fitting jacket for a look worthy of breakfast at Tiffany’s. You could pull off this timeless style at a job interview or dinner out.

4. Crop Tops

Anyone can show a little skin, but try to rock a crop that goes outside the box this summer. Look for unique cropped styles such as polo necklines or asymmetrical hems to bring a new level of trendiness to a relaxed outfit. Layering is also a great option for more conservative fashionistas like me.

5. Short Chic

From shorts to rompers, summer’s bottoms have a classy vintage pin-up vibe about them. Embrace it with well-tailored styles and nautical-inspired details like Breton tops and Sperry-style loafers. Don’t forget a beach-ready hat!

I hope you enjoyed these fashion trend ideas and can incorporate them into some of your looks this summer and fall.

What’s your favorite look that’s hot right now? Tell me in the comments!


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