Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Seriously Unawesome

  • So here is my sad story from this past weekend: I went to the Franklin Graham crusade experience Rock the Lakes with my grandma last Sunday. It is a free evangelical worship concert with artists such as Newsboys, Flyleaf, and my personal hero since childhood, Michael W. Smith. On a whim, I eagerly texted the number advertising a contest to win a backstage meet and greet with the evening’s artists, but since I don’t have a smart phone, I couldn’t figure out how to access the direct message they apparently sent me telling me that I WON! I found out Monday morning once I logged onto my laptop that I could have met Michael W. Smith!!! I was kind of devastated for life. Now, that’s beyond awkward. It’s seriously unawesome.
  • Admitting that I have been watching The Bachelorette for the first time this season. Oh, the horror . . .
  • My whole always craving ice cream thing isn’t helped by it being 95 degrees outside.
  • My city has made national news for a shameless act of bullying. You know the crying bus monitor video? Yeah, that happened 10 minutes from where I live. Also unawesome.
  • The fact that you might have missed out on these great posts because I forgot to announce them on Twitter and Facebook!

  • Seeing Michael W. Smith (again) up close and personal–even if he was on a stage and not chilling next to me at a backstage meet and greet :’-(
  • Remember how I cry about everything? Well, with this knowledge I probably shouldn’t have looked at these 21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity while at work.
  • Waffle cones. Now I know what the hubbub is about! 
  • An hour-long commute in 90-degree heat with no AC means an automatic blow dry each morning.
  • The Louisiana gospel band L’Angelus to whom I was introduced at Rock the Lakes. They are my new obsession! Can’t get enough of their sound. And I’ve never liked gospel music ever. Must be Rachel exposing me to all of that country.
  • The best Lobster Cob salad I could have imagined in my wildest dreams at Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel.
  • A fabulous hiking and swimming day trip with Mom and Rach on Tuesday.
  • The two weeks spent without my honey will be rewarded with an amazing FIVE-DAY weekend together come July. Okay, so that’s pretty awesome.

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