Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Get My Model On!

Haha! So I realized that I didn’t have a modeling-related picture of me to include with this week’s A&AT that has a lot to do with modeling, so I thought I would just awkwardify an old picture of me. Brilliant, right?

  • Dude, nude models get paid like a bajillion dollars per session! (Not considering this, guys. Just jealous)
  • Pineapple basil gelato. It was actually pretty good. Very refreshing. Very odd.
  • Waiting for important emails. I must check each account once every five minutes! 
  • Having to work all day while it’s sunny and gorgeous and my sis has the day off.
  • Ray Bradbury is not with us anymore. Sad days.
  • Craigslist. Just be careful out there, ya’ll. It can get supersketch.
  • Not having a car.

  • Getting back on the modeling circuit. I’m on the web! I’m all professional and stuff.
  • An absolutely lovely day spent with my mom, sisters, and grandma at the breathtaking Sonnenberg Gardens. It was a photography hayday.
  • Remembering to Tweet and/or update my Facebook status. I’m so proud 🙂
  • Brandon watching Arrested Development next to me at the ILL desk all day.
  • Getting to work on both sides of the camera this summer! Lot of exciting shoots coming up.
  • Neon. I’ve finally jumped on the trend bandwagon.

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