"I’m Up in the Woods" (Skurugata, Sweden)

The title of this post is from an absolutely breathtaking song by Bon Iver. I highly recommend that you listen to “Woods” while you read this post. So simple, but so deep and majestic. Kind of like the woods!

Skurugata is a long mountain pass in the Swedish countryside commonly used as a hiking resort. It is literally a huge crack through the mountain range formed by temperature changes during the most recent ice age. While the mountains and the crack itself were quite fascinating, I was much more taken aback by the woods surrounding the mountain range in Eksjö, Sweden.

Josh and didn’t realize until setting foot in the Skurugata nature reserve that we hadn’t seen any forest in the past four months. Let me tell you, I thought the woods back in northern Pennsylvania were beautiful, but this place was like a landscape taken from the pages of a fairy tale–from the tail end of a dream.

I fell asleep at the peak of Skuruhatt, the mountaintop you’ll reach if you continue climbing after coming out of the Skurugata pass. Dozing off in the warm sun and then coming to again with the picturesque geography of Sweden stretching out to the horizon in every direction, I thought that I was still dreaming. (Pictures at the end of the post)

A thousand thanks to our friend Johan who took us on this unforgettable trip that we so needed after hopping from city to city all over Europe.


Always hike with a friend 😉

More pictures of Skurugata and pics from the mountaintop after the jump!




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