An Old Friend Sings "The Prayer"

Okay, so he is neither old nor a particularly old friend of mine, but in blog years, he is a pretty old friend of Nine to Phive.

Stryker, whom you may remember from what is literally the only fashion post I have ever featured that talked about the personal style of one of my friends, is the employee who has spent the past week and who will spend the rest of the summer sitting next to me at the library circulation desk. Due to the amount of time we are forced to spend together these days, we have learned a lot of new things about each other since we met about two years ago. Still, I was completely floored by a certain fact that slipped my attention since I was in Spain when the following performance took place here in Rochester:

He sings!

I was personally unaware that Stryker sung AT ALL let alone like freakin’ Josh Groban! Seriously, how great was that? I am very impressed (along with most of our campus).

Finding out that Stryker also dabbles in the arts has given the two of us a lot to talk about. It’s nice working with like-minded people. If you’re going to be with them for nine hours a day, it helps if you can carry on a meaningful conversation with them. Our current half-serious joke is that we’re going to land the starring roles in our college’s upcoming production of Singing in the Rain–which happens to also be one of the favorite musicals of guess who? Well, me, for one . . . and Stryker, too! Haha, hurray!

I wonder what other surprising connections I’ll make by being confined to an empty library with other students?


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