Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Still Truckin’


  • Living an hour from campus for the summer. Talk about a commute!
  • Vacuuming the books in the library. All of them. Who even knew books needed vacuuming?
  • Josh working from 8 to 5, me working from 12 to 9, and only owning one car. Guess who gets to come to work four hours early and then ride home with her husband who has stayed there four hours late?
  • Packing lunches (and sometimes dinners, too). Haven’t missed it. 
  • Gas prices. So much driving. So much money!
  • A freakin’ 12-hour shift at the library today. Yay weekend!

  • Josh’s interview with the gas company tomorrow.
  • We’re back in the Valley this weekend!
  • Banana pecan whole wheat pancakes with caramel sauce. We haven’t had real breakfast food in months 🙂
  • How nice and cool it always is in our temporary basement bedroom.
  • Chilling with my amazing coworkers.
  • Homemade loaded burritos that tasted just like Chipotle. 
  • My parents shaved one of their Pomeranians. She’s so freaking cute! She looks like a fat burrito with legs and a squirrel tail!
  • Wendy’s sells macaroni and cheese and baked sweet potatoes with brown sugar butter now!
  • Wow, there’s a lot about food in this post . . .


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