For Your Inspiration: Where News Comes From

The advert below premiered in London at the end of February, and Josh and I got to watch it along with several other kick-butt previews and public service announcements when we went to see A Dangerous Method in a hipster Soho theater complete with bar and lounge. It was an awesome experience! Too bad we were too tired to really enjoy it.

The movie was very interesting. I shy away from saying “good” because it was a smidge disturbing, but very artistic, compelling and well-done. On the other hand, I’d really like to talk about this ad for The Guardian because it reminds me of everything that I love about journalism.

Behind every story is a hundred other stories shaping opinions and actions throughout the world.

The journalism industry isn’t as much about producing a finalized piece as it is sparking a conversation. If a day comes when people don’t have anything to say about the stories and perspectives you are bringing to the world, that is probably the day you should stop being a journalist.

I’m so excited for my future as an author and so grateful for my job with Thalo magazine!

In other news, journalism is also the worst failing industry in the world. Thank you, Mr. Economic Crisis. I’ll show you!


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