"I Would Like to Live in Sweden"

Josh is delighted, but at the same time a little unnerved by how enthusiastic I am about Sweden right now.

I don’t quite know how to explain it, but I’ve never felt about a country the way I do about Sweden. Even being in Spain for so many months has done nothing but reinforce in me the idea that I love the language and am so glad to have visited . . . but that I would never live there. I don’t love the country of Spain in the way one loves home.

Spending only two days here in Eksjö, however, has left me feeling as though this place is not only the charming and oh-so-slightly exotic Europe that I have always wanted to visit, but in many ways it is also the peaceful, comfortable small town environment where I have always wanted to live–to have a humble job, to raise Josh’s and my kids, to spend time with friends. Being here feels exciting and invigorating, but also relaxing and familiar. In short, it is shaping up to be the perfect vacation.

These are some pictures from the home of a friend’s grandparents. The flat is located in Gamla Stan, the “Old Town” neighborhood of Eksjö. This area is also known as the wooden town, rightfully so because all of the homes and buildings here glorify the splendor that is unfinished wood. All of the houses smell like cabins–old, yet somehow fresh and ready for adventure.

I was fortunate enough to take a nap in this heavenly home while battling a flare-up. With rays of the (admittedly rare) Swedish sunset streaming in onto the couch, I rested as though in the comfort of my own personal summer home :-). As pampered as I felt in this fanciful flat, I’m sure the cost of living in such a neighborhood would be a bit out of the question for us.

Still, I can dream, right?

Title from “Sweden” by Divine Comedy

More pictures of this beautiful home after the jump!



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