What I (Almost) Wore to Church

These pictures crack me up. They were taken months ago but never made it onto the blog. I didn’t think the dress I almost wore to church here in Avila but instead ended up trading for a sweater and slippers a few short hours after the photos were taken would hold any particular interest for you all. I say “almost” because our darling host mom forgot on this particular Sunday that we had told her of our plans to go to church. She started making us an elaborate lunch minutes before we were supposed to leave. Yes, lunch. Church starts pretty late over here in the land that honors sleep enough to devote three hours a day to its healthy maintenance. Viva la siesta!

Anyway, we probably should have gently reminded her according to the boundless honesty of the Spanish culture, but in reality, we really needed to stay home to work on homework anyway.

What’s worse? We had to catch a flight yesterday and didn’t go to church yet again. *GASP!* I know. Heathens one and all.

Thrifted dress and headband, K-mart sweater leggings, Charlotte Russe T-shirt, Payless shoes

Just pretend I’m winking in the above picture instead of awkwardly holding one mascara-smudge eyelid half open. “LOL, I’m so cute in my sundress and sweater leggings. Wink wink! GTG to Sweden now. BRB!”

Also, don’t be jealous about the short sleeves sans jacket. It wasn’t (and isn’t) anywhere near being warm enough to leave home dressed like this. I took my coat off just long enough to get the photos taken and then slithered right back into it. Can’t wait to return to New York where we get four seasons in the standard order and where church typically doesn’t interfere with eating or sleeping schedules.

Actually, I take that back. Sweden is the most beautiful place I have ever visited in my life, and I kind of want to live here forever. Pics tomorrow!

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