Awkward and Awesome Thursday: So Little Time


  • The wall is the most iconic thing about Avila, and we still haven’t climbed up on it after more than four months.
  • I mentioned a certain Mary in last week’s A&AT. This girl went to high school with Josh and I in the tiny trailer school back in northern PA. How on earth did we all end up in Spain at the same time?
  • Cowering under the table in grammar class as the imperfect subjunctive mood gets the better of me–and my dear professor taking a video and posting it to YouTube!
  • My little sissy having a bad day and not being able to be there for her 😦
  • Fertility goddess statues in art class.
  • The Spanish train system hating my friend who came to visit Monday, but she finally made it here!
  • Finals coming up muy pronto!
  • The projects my classmates put together to sum up our experiences in Spain. I laughed and cried. Mostly laughed. 
  • Prezi. I haven’t had an excuse to use this program in so long.
  • Allie spotting me 20 euros to buy red desert boots. I am really European now!
  • Having Monday afternoon coffee with choir buddy Monica Claire. Haven’t seen the girl in five years, and now here we are in Spain! Talk about names I haven’t heard since high school . . .
  • Mary coming to visit Avila this Saturday.
  • Spending time with all of our wonderful Swedish friends next week!
  • Meeting up with Rob in Madrid and then giving him a tour of good ole Avila.
  • Hopefully going out one of these nights with all of our Madrid-based computer engineering buddies we met in Dublin. 
  • My Nuria ❤. She lights up my days. Unless it happens to be grammar class . . . then I hate her.

Equally Awkward and Awesome: So many places to go and people to see, so little time.


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