Photo Shoot: ‘Athletique Chic’ Part 1

I am not an athletic person. 

I try to stay healthily active and I really enjoy a nice competitive game of water polo, but my talents do not typically relate to anything in any way “sporty.” Be this as it may, I do consider myself a fashionable person, and for this reason I found myself feeling just slightly pressured by the athletic-inspired fashion trend that first hit the runways last year and has only been growing stronger since then–not because I’m super influenced by trends, but because I hate limiting myself to a romantic/casual chic style. I don’t want my style to be easily defined as anything other than very “Jessi.”

All the fashion philosophizing aside, from now on I’m determined to make more of an effort to incorporate an urban athletic element into my look. 

In all honesty, I also have a fear of looking like I’m just getting back from the gym. This is why I decided to combine some high fashion and girly elements with my mesh shorts and t-shirt combo. The shredded tee is a DIY, by the way! Gotta layer a tank under that one . . .

For information on the characteristics that I believe to define a “sporty” style, check out this post.



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