What I Wore: Miss America

Target jacket and t-shirt (the shirt is Josh’s), DIY tie-dye corduroys, and Payless boots

Yes, we’re still wearing jackets here in Avila. Sometime full-blown winter coats. I think this particular freckle on the face of Spain is a little confused when it comes to the seasons, because it reached sunny and 70 in January here while it is now rainy and (if we’re lucky) 50.

On the other hand, I could really care less, because in a little over three weeks, I will be enjoying Rochester‘s balmy spring weather. And you know what? I really couldn’t care less if it wasn’t sunny in my hometown right now. I’m so excited to go back to my busy life.

Not that the break hasn’t been absolutely lovely and the experience of a lifetime. It’s as if Josh and I got to have a gap year and work towards our college degrees at the same time. How many young married couples get to do that? No, we’re really at a place right now where we’re excited about everything. We can’t wait to squeeze every drop of enjoyment out of our last few weeks in Avila, every drop of knowledge out of our last few Spanish classes, and every memorable moment out of our final trip–our friend-filled trip to Sweden; but of course, we also can’t wait to return to the US.

I may be a world traveler now, but I am also an American girl. 

While I wouldn’t trade the mind-opening opportunities I have encountered here in Europe for anything, I miss the breadth of opportunities my home country has consistently provided for me all of my life. I am thrilled to be able to return to take advantage of them with new appreciation.

Take that, Avila weather!


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