"Come Back to Camden" (London, England)

Well, Josh ad I may be headed to France today, but I’m sure you all know that I’m sitting on heaps of England and Ireland pictures waiting to see the light of day. I think I might make it a tradition over the summer to post some neglected travel pics every couple of weeks. We could have a “Travel Tuesday”or something like that so that my blog’s interestingness doesn’t drop of dramatically the minute I set foot on American soil.

That being said, welcome to Camden Lock! This is a super-artsy community in London’s charming neighborhood of Camden Town. The Lock is a sort of bohemian Times Square where London’s classy past and trendy present coexist in perfect, bustling harmony. Camden is populated by open-air markets, picturesque canals, quaint cafes, street performers, and more hipsters than you have ever seen in your life. It was awesome!

You don’t know how much self control it took to keep from snapping up the indie clothing and crafts or any number of the global cuisine stalls lining the streets. Also, they really seem to like donuts in Camden. Every other stall was advertising fresh, hot ones. I don’t think I’ve ever ever had a hot donut before . . .

Title from the song of the same name by Morrissey

Hookah lounge, anyone?

More pictures of the Camden Lock community after the jump!

Amidst the tents and street carts, a mini skyscraper nightclub

Josh was hating on this guy for wearing his shirt


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