What I Wore: Last Sweater of Spring

I know I make it look romantic, but it’s basically just cold.

Thrifted dress, DEB sweater, K-mart sweater leggings, Payless boots, Walmart necklace

I’ve decided that I don’t care if it is 35 degrees and sleeting out. I am NOT wearing one more sweater this April! In fact, I do not plan on wearing another sweater at least until the semester starts in the fall. There are too few sweater-free months of the year as it is without random hailstorms during Easter weekend.

It NEVER rains here!!! It just does not rain in Avila (ahem, exaggeration). Of course, the year that I am here, the cosmic weatherman decides that not only will it rain for all of spring break, but that it will spontaneously hail. Hence the out-of-season fashion choice to layer up. The cold is severely limiting my wardrobe as I strive ineffectively to sneak some spring-and-perhaps-summery items into my daily ensembles.

I can’t lie. I love a good sweater. I am particularly fond of the near-comically oversized variety of sweater known as a cat-lady sweater. What I cannot abide, however, is leaving my good jeans in Ireland, having nothing but skirts and shorts to get me through my final weeks here, and freezing to death when I attempt to don such pieces on a frigid day such as today (and all the days of the past week!).

Let my casting off of all sweaters be symbolic of my rebellion against the forces of Old Man Winter and Punxatawney Phil!


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