Awkward and Awesome Thursday: My Dirty Laundry


  • My good pair of skinny jeans has gone MIA since our vacation to England and Ireland. While they’re floating around somewhere in the UK, I’m stuck wearing leggings and shorts.
  • Our pile of dirty clothes is devouring our bedroom, and Carmen isn’t doing laundry until Monday.
  • Carmen’s daughter laughing at us for eating our food in the wrong order. Oh, Spain.
  • Missing out on RIT’s annual spring films production spree. Would have been nice to get cast in one of those.
  • Waiting to hear if we have an apartment to go home to. It’s so exciting, but so frustrating!
  • Applying for scholarships again. If only I had won a few before going to college.
  • So during the week that there are supposed to be Easter processions every day here in Spain, there is instead a daily torrential downpour for the first time since December. Apparently this happens every year.
  • People starting flame wars about which “Somebody That I Used to Know” cover they like best instead of voting in the poll! LOL


  • Dropping my English major! I can’t believe I’m doing this right before senior year! It feels so good  to be able to just cruise through my last semester of college and graduate (on time!) with a B.A. in Communication and minors in English and Spanish. Double majors are for over-achievers, and I am somewhat determined to not be one anymore. Not worth the stress! I have to work and be married full-time, too!
  • Going to Sweden in May to visit our friends against our better judgment . . . but we’re so excited!
  • Getting a writing job with an online art magazine! Now to make up for what we’ll be spending on Sweden . . .
  • Josh trying to learn Swedish and Mandarin at the same time and kind of owning at it.
  • Waking up to an Easter basket sent all the way to Avila by my mommy 🙂
  • British fashion and lifestyle magazines.
  • Doing high-fashion photo shoots right here in Avila.

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