Live Well, Dress Well: Inspired by Riverdance!

Hmm, it was dark and the camera no likey

Tonight Kristen and I went out for a traditional Irish dinner and then enjoyed a complimentary performance of Irish music and dance. I’ll be posting a video of St. Paddy’s Day weekend in a few days, but for now, I’m feeling inspired!

What does this outfit remind you of?
If you said Celtic dance garb, you would be correct!
I think this look can be very eclectic and fashion forward, but verging on costumey if you’re not careful. Start with a full-skirted dress that hits about mid-thigh. This can really be interesting if you go semi-formal and then try to dress it down. Tights or knee-high socks are a must, and any type of simple flat or ankle boot will make the dress seem more casual, everyday, and traditional-Irish-dancery :-). The military jacket in this ensemble emulates the structured, long-sleeved tops of Riverdancer’s dresses. As a final touch, I think an accessory with some Celtic-inspired patterns would look great. Maybe try some jewelry.
I feel like I would randomly start stomping around and doing high kicks if I wore this. That’s the power of the Irish spirit!

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