For Your Inspiration: Think You’re a Good Photographer?

Sometimes I tell myself that one day I will take a bunch of photography courses, buy a professional DSLR camera, and begin a long and glorious career as a photographer. Then I watch videos like the one above and realize that I will never be as awesome as this guy.

Talk about an artist in the office!

This photographer made the entire Rube Goldberg device out of items found in his photography studio! It was perfectly themed–all of the photography equipment, the occasional pictures taken by the machine throughout its course, the seamless videography–I am simply in awe!

Well, maybe this video is a sign that the photography business isn’t doing so hot these days. After all, what kind of busy and hard-working portrait photographer would have time to craft such genius?

He must have no life. Yeah. That’s what I’ll tell myself . . . 😉


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