Milan Street Style

I am really excited to be posting my first ever series of street style photos!

I just couldn’t visit the fashion capital of the world and not take some pictures of how people were dressed. It was an interesting experience, and I think I’ll make a habit of it. My goals for future street style photo excursions are to:

  1. Keep moving targets in focus. So much blurry!
  2. Get more pictures of the fronts of people
  3. Look less like a stalker

Hope you find the pictures inspiring. This week, expect a post about Milan Fashion Week trends for this Fall/Winter season. (Blech, I’m just getting used to the idea of spring being on its way, and now we’re talking fall and winter again.)

Two models outside of a fashion show in Parco Sempione


I wish these images were more in focus, because these fellows were faaabulous.

More fur. In hat form!


Plenty more street style pics after the jump!

A fellow tourist geeking out about the runway set up in the park!

I like a man who’s not afraid of color

Just too cute

This chica has an incredible silhouette . . . and I dig the leg warmers

Just preppin’ it up in the aquarium


Can’t get enough of sheer maxi skirts. Tons of ladies were rocking these in Milan.

Her boyfriend is well-dressed, so I’ll forgive her for wearing a Hollister sweatshirt IN MILAN 😉


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