What I Wore (plus a suprise): Or Are We Dancers?

If you ignore the half-opened eye, this is kind of a cute picture of me “dancing”

I love to dance.

I’m not really sure how to qualify my relationship with dance besides this simple phrase. I wouldn’t dare say that I am good at dancing. Someone in my family might die laughing, as I have a reputation for being quite the klutz. After all, I’ve never even taken a single dance class.

On the other hand, I have choreographed dance teams of fifty K-4 and later 5-8 grade students at the summer camp where I used to work (My team won first place in the end-of-camp competition one year). I’ve danced in talent shows. I’ve taught the electric slide to a wedding party :-), and I’ve ended up in countless photos and videos from weddings, graduations parties, and school dances where I have been gettin’ ma groove on.

Thrifted jacket, gifted scarf, Charlotte Russe T-shirt, American Eagle jeans, Payless slouch boots

Whether or not I’m good at it, dancing is a part of who I am. I often can’t help but break into spontaneous choreography in malls, supermarkets, and the occasional public square in Spain during carnival . . . I think anyone who loves music, is grateful for the healthy body God has given them, and loves to just do feels the same way about dance.

Sometimes you just have to let the joy and excitement out. For example, in the photos included in this post, I am wearing a very sunshiney outfit in some of my favorite colors (with a new scarf from my grandma) that made me incredibly happy. So what did I do? I danced, of course.

In the words of Colin Firth after accepting his 2011 Oscar for Best Actor:

“I have to warn you I am experiencing stirrings somewhere in the upper abdominals that are threatening to form themselves into dance moves.”

To show you that I’m not alone in this love and in this tendency to cast off social propriety in favor of a pop, lock, and drop, I have whipped up a little something extra for this particular what I wore.
The surprise is after the jump!

Don’t get excited. It’s not that fantastic, haha.
In fact, it is a very poor quality video that I recorded of a little boy who jumped up on the stage at carnival and started breakin’ it down to “We Found Love.”
He was moving so much I could hardly get a clear shot of him through the crowd. Talk about being confident in who you are.


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