"Don’t Spare the Details of the Rocks and Nails" (Segovia)

Well, when you’ve just added another 103 photos to your library from a trip to Salamanca and you realize with chagrin that you still have 56 photos from Segovia that you would like to post . . . that, my friends, is what a sigh sounds like.

Here are some interesting and beautiful details from the Segovia trip last weekend. I think later today I’ll post the last handful of pictures from the amazing museum we visited while there, and then tomorrow or the day after I’ll toss up photos from yesterday’s Salamanca trip and maybe finally be caught back up.

*Sigh* I wouldn’t have this problem if I would just take less photos . . .

Post title is from the song “Details” by Robert Downey, Jr. Yeah, I didn’t know he sang, either.





Plenty more pictures after the jump!




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