What I Wore: Frumpy Fresh

Forever 21 cropped sweatshirt, Target tank, American Eagle Jeans, Walmart scarf, and DIY slippers

I guess you could say that this is the closest I come to leaving the house in sweats and Uggs. It’s definitely easy to grab for the comfiest and least-awesome-looking thing in your wardrobe on days when you feel under the weather, but that’s why I implemented a genius plan!

I call it Operation Overseas Scarcity!

I did not bring a lot of clothes to Spain. You guys have seen my closet here. Since I had a hard enough time fitting enough clothes to get me through the semester into my suitcase, things like PJs and sweatpants were some of the first things to get thrown back into storage.

It’s really quite wonderful. Since they’re 8,000 miles away, I’m never tempted to wear them! Even when doing so would be so much easier than putting together an actual outfit!

Also, please tell me that these are so much cooler than Uggs.

So get this. These boots used to be a pair of flimsy, pre-pubescent, mid-calf, felt boots complete with fake fur and pompoms. They were hideous, and when I finally realized this, I cut them off at the ankle, lined them with cozy fur, and replaced the dangling pompoms with subtle ribbons.

I now gleefully wear them around the house as my slippers (which are a hygiene must in Spain!), but if need be, the fact that they also have actual treads means that I can wear them outside, too. They are the warmest and most comfortable shoes in the world ❤

Happy February 10th! I hope you are enjoying your “six more weeks” of winter as foreboded by the groundhog!


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