"Because of Toledo"

Boy, if there was any doubt in my mind about not bringing my camera to Madrid, the millions of pictures from the Toledo trip have assured me that I made the right decision.

I decided (hopefully wisely) to post only the most interesting images from last weekend. The rest will all be available on Facebook for those of you who are friends with me, and those of you who aren’t . . . well, fix it! Haha.

Post title is the title of a Kenny Rogers song that’s actually about Toledo, Ohio. Don’t judge! Nobody makes notable quotes about Toledo, Spain apparently.

This is a high school. In the words of Josh, “Just like Hogwarts!”

Flower power tower!

These guys all matched, so I took a stalker photo of them from the window
I like birds. I want one.

Rio Tajo

These birds stood still for so long, I thought they were fake
We rode seven outdoor escalators from the top of the city to the bottom . . . just to ride back up
A church we passed was having some sort of scary festival that involved an enormous bonfire

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