Hacked! Okay, let me explain myself. For all of you faithful followers and those of you seeing this blog for the first time, this is not Jessica Thurston. This is her husband, Josh:) For some time I’ve been wanting to write an article on this wonderful blog but for one reason or another I haven’t. But today was different. Jessica went to Madrid with some friends and I stayed in good, old Avila. Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything against Madrid and I certainly don’t have anything against my awesome wife; I just needed a day to chill, you know, relax for a day. So here it is:
Yesterday, I decided I would spend some time outside taking pictures of Avila, what could be better, right. Fun. Relaxing. Cold?  
First off, today was probably one of the worst days ever to be outside in Avila: wet, cold, bone-chilling, and downright nasty, everything you don’t imagine Spain being! I was reluctant to get out of bed today let alone go outside. When I finally stepped outside with my camera, the fog was only a stone’s throw away. I couldn’t go back now. As difficult as it was, the pictures were worth the cold fingers and numbed face🙂 I hope that you can see how cold it was in these pictures. Enjoy!

Looking out over the city…it’s quite the view minus the fog

This way to town center.

This was one of the city’s structures used for defense during attacks. Now is it defended by, yes, storks. Ciguenas, as they are called here, are basically anywhere there is a high point to nest.

La Catedral de Avila

sweet Medieval gutters!

The only clock with hands I have seen in Avila…and it doesn’t work. Figures.

Iglesia de San Tomas

There are so many of these random, jutting rocks all over town. Pretty cool!

Around the back of San Tomas…hope he doesn’t mind.

Old Glory. Can you see it?

Perhaps there are some X-Men fans in Spain.

Broken wall with cool color contrast:)
Well, there you have it. That is my show and tell for today. Hopefully I will be joining you in the future with some more pictures/ cultural differences/ other things I find interesting that I think might interest you:) I guess you guys/girls will just have stick around. Thanks for joining me in hacking Jessica’s blog. 
Until next timestay awesome and tell your friends to come and join us; we would love to have even more people share in our wild and crazy life from Nine to Phive.

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