Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Unda Presha!

 Hey, guys, sorry for not posting for the past two days. I hate to say it, but it was quite intentional. I didn’t forget. I didn’t suddenly become overwhelmingly busy. I merely decided that I needed a break from the pressure of blogging, and guess what?

I needed a break from the pressure of blogging!

If for no reason besides the fact that blogging is something I often feel like I have to do every single day, it is one of the most stressful aspects of my life. Add the fact that I have to take and edit photos, come up with tantalizing things to say, and dress nicely so that i can take pictures of myself and talk about why I chose to dress that way . . . and it becomes the most stressful thing on the planet!

Of course, it’s only stressful because I take it so seriously. I take everything too seriously. Therefore everything is stressful.

When I keep everything in perspective, blogging is relaxing, creative, exciting, and an incredibly rewarding way of sharing my daily trudging through stresses with the world.

How awkward and awesome is that???

  • Thinking that Toledo taxi-drivers were policemen. What? They had matching cars and uniforms. Obviously cops.
  • Discussing personal religion in conversation class. Try defending your beliefs to a professor in a foreign language!
  • Being called “a little weird” by my Spanish prof because some girls and I went out for drinks at 6:00pm. Come on, it was only because I’m too baby to stay out late! I like sleep.
  • Planning travel for upcoming breaks. We still have no money . . .
  • The unfood things in my food. Bones, pits, shells, cartilage, exoskeletons, etc.
  • Carmen (our host mom) bought me chocolate cereal. She speaks my love language ❤
  • Every single one of the credit cards my friends and I tried to use getting declined at the bar. We had to go find an ATM. The guy was so surprised that we actually came back.
  • Josh’s new Spanish nickname is officially . . . Coco. Thanks, Nuria (one of our profs). Not only is this the name of a certain Spanish TV character, it also has an unfortunate double meaning here in Spain.


  • My husband :-). Gosh, I love him.
  • Um, hello? I’m still in Spain.
  • Birthday trip to Toledo. We visited beautiful cathedrals, cozy cafes, and free museums! Yeah, free museums.
  • Black-Eyed Peas concert on MTV. Engliiiiiiiiiiiisssshhhh!!!
  • The bartender who only took a year of English in high school and still tried to speak English with us.
  • My new drink! Malibu rum and coke! The good thing about it is that you can’t taste the alcohol, but the cad thing about it is that you can’t taste the alcohol . . .
  • Hot croissant every morning at the hostal.
  • A bird choking on a bug. I love birds, so this was very sad for me.
  • Daytrip to Madrid tomorrow with my chicas 🙂
  • This song. It is our class song. I don’t know how it happened, but it brings us together magically :-). Hurray for Kristen who says she can’t sing and still belts it with all she’s got!

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