What I Wore: Classy Para Clase

Thrifted blazer, Charlotte Russe t-shirt, American Eagle Jeans, and Payless boots
Ay ay ay! My roots are showing.

In Spain and, in fact, in much of Europe, the standard of dress when out in public is much higher than it is and probably will ever be in the United States. You will never never NEVER see a young woman outside in sweatpants and a hoodie. Even if you’re just going to an 8 am class and coming right back home, there is an expectation that you will look presentable at the very least.

Spain, which is famous for its elegant and professional fashion sense, fosters a sense of maturity. Here teenagers of about fifteen dress better than the average college student. College students dress like professional adults, etc. Older women raised in Spanish culture are especially conservative and sophisticated. Even if a Spanish woman is only planning on walking to the convenience store on the corner, she will change into clothes that many of us would describe as “business casual.”

As a fan of blazers, I don’t foresee too many problems with embracing the sophistication found on the streets of Avila. I like how the above outfit turned out. I kept it classy yet colorful with the purple blazer, and I added a high fashion touch without going overboard (my idea of “conservative” dressing is a tiny bit broad) by wearing the combat boots.

Estoy listo para clase!


2 thoughts on “What I Wore: Classy Para Clase

  1. I am SO glad I read this post. 0.0 I'm going to Valladolid in 2013, but I wasn't aware that people have a higher standard of dress in Spain! I've been twice before, but I was only 6 and 11, so I didn't even care… I will now start keeping an eye out of dressy-casual clothes when ever I go thrifting or garage-sailing. Saling? I'm not sure… But thanks! By the way, I love your blog. πŸ™‚ I'm just not sure how I found it. hahah!

  2. Oh, gracias! That's so good to hear. Yeah, I buy all of my blazers at thrift stores. That's the best way to get unique colors and patterns . . . not so much a good fit, though. Haha. Enjoy Vallodolid! They're super fashionable there. Especially the shoes. You hardly ever see someone in running shoes or Uggs. You'll love it πŸ™‚

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