Awkward and Awesome Friday

Wowie! Being out of my normal routine this Christmas break as we stay at Josh’s parents has had me forgetting all sorts of responsibilities that normally come quite naturally. Among these forgotten habits is Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


I know it’s not the same ;-), but I now bring to you Awkward and Awesome Friday.



  • Making Christmas dinner single-handedly. What was I thinking?
  • Poor BJ having a seizure last night :-(. Way beyond awkward. Sad and scary is more like it. 
  • Buffalo wing dip that did not agree with me at all. Am I getting old?
  • 48-degree weather in December. I have been so cheated of my White Christmas . . .
  • The things that get thrown into my parent’s back yard. Rockets, condoms, unopened candy bars . . .
  • Gaining five pounds over the holidays. Blarf.


  • The above picture which is the only surviving image of me from Christmas at the Crosbys. I was slaving away in the kitchen all afternoon and knew I would have to take one of myself if I was going to be seen at all 😉
  • Spending an hour and a half primping in my parents bathroom. It’s good to be home.
  • Just Dance 3 and Just Dance Summer Party.
  • Holding my newest baby cousin. She spit up on me and I still want one!
  • Mama Thurston’s biscotti. Heaven on earth.
  • Euros. So excited to have them!
  • Skyping my cousin in Japan. Skype is such a gift.
  • Jo-Ann Fabrics!
  • My huge, wonderful, lovely family.

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