Your Space: Josh’s Adventurer Dreamland

When Josh moved out of the Thurston’s home rather permanently at the start of our marriage, his bedroom was converted into a guest bedroom. He had already grown up sleeping in a queen-sized bed, so a newer, dressier bedspread and some decorative pillows were all it took to revamp the man-cave of his youth into a spare room. Nowadays, this room has become our typical landing pad on our visits spent zipping through the Valley. 
This Christmas, it is serving as more of a home since our apartment in Rochester is completely wiped out, and we will have no other permanent accommodations until Avila.

Just like my sister Nicole’s bedroom, Josh’s room is (even after moving out) an excellent physical representation of his personality, likes, dislikes, and character.

Elements of Josh’s Bedroom Decor:

  • World Travel/Languages
  • Action Films
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • Mementos from Childhood

I’m not a monstrously sentimental person, so Josh’s willingness to preserve and display little tokens of memories from his childhood is quite endearing to me. The shelf pictured at the top of the post holds souvenirs, childhood projects and milestones, photographs, awards, and gifts from loved ones. I love this little shrine to my man and how well it sums him up in a few sentimental trinkets.

He even has his baby bracelet from the hospital displayed!

Josh got this when he started working out 😉

Maps and the Lord of the Rings are two definite recurring themes. Maps of the Lord of the Rings world of Middle Earth? Even better! I think these emphasize Josh’s expansive imagination and the fact that he wouldn’t have enough room for it even if he traveled the whole world–which we hope to do someday, by the way 🙂

I feel so comfortable and at home in this room. It feels like being wrapped up in a big Josh hug all night long. It reminds me of when we were kids and he first let me peek inside. I felt so special . . . and still do.

How would you like to sleep with this guy crouching over the bed?


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