Perry vs. Obama, A Clash of the "Christlike"

*NOTE* This article will be even more interesting if you keep in mind that I am a conservative Republican who did not vote for Barack Obama. Also, I would love it if you all posted some links to this article via Facebook, email, etc. I really think this needs to be heard.
Have you seen Rick Perry’s faith-based campaign ad? Odds are that you have, since this video officially has more dislikes than Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” making it the most hated video on YouTube!
I decided to see what all of the hubbub was about. Since Perry is a presidential candidate who allegedly shares my faith, I was interested . . . then less interested . . . and then quite disgusted.
Watch for yourself.

First of all, I would just like to mention that even if you do believe that homosexuality is displeasing to God, how do you think He feels about homophobia? So their love of the same sex is more of an abomination than your hatred of them? Give me a break! If you think that they, as sinners, shouldn’t be allowed to serve in the military, better get all of the drinkers, liars, cheaters, and porn-watchers out of there, too.  

We’re all sinners, and we all love our country.

Okay, now that that’s over . . . Christian, homophobic, or otherwise, this man is plain confused! 

Obama is anti-religion because kids can’t pray in school? The last time I checked–and this issue is of great importance to me–the Supreme Court ruling against institution-organized prayer in public schools, Engel v. Vitale, was passed in 1962 when Obama was the ripe old age of 1. Blaming this current unfortunate situation on our current president seems more than a little ridiculous.

As for Obama being the Grinch who stole Christmas,  play just a few minutes of this video of Barack Obama’s speech at the lighting of the National Christmas Tree.

Does this sound like a man who won’t let children openly celebrate Christmas in school or otherwise?

I hate to crash the conspiracy theorist party where they write songs about Obama being a Muslim because his father was, but the President verbally attests to a personal Christian faith.
I have no desire to enter into debates about his sincerity. All I know is this:

  1. It is not my place to judge the sincerity of Barack Obama’s faith.
  2. It is not your place to judge the sincerity of Barack Obama’s faith. 
  3. It is and will always be God’s place alone to judge the sincerity of Barack Obama’s faith.

All I can judge is what he says and does publicly; and what I see is a man capable of presenting the love and hope that Jesus Christ embodies without sounding like a judgmental, religious nutcase. *cough* Rick Perry *cough cough*

Alright, here is my last piece of “evidence,” if you will, in my argument that if you’re looking for a president who promotes Christian values, you may not have to look much farther than the White House–and I, for one, won’t bother looking in Rick Perry’s direction.

This video is a little bit longer than the other two, but it is some of the most spiritually influential material I have ever heard in my life. I know it will open up all new cans of worms about scary things like global religion and Obama being the Antichrist, but bear with me for a moment.

I know some Christians will interpret this as being “lukewarm,” but I interpret it as being Jesus to a world that wants nothing to do with him.

Barack Obama is absolutely right in that being stubborn, unmoving, and judgmental about issues vital to our specific faiths on a national level will only further alienate people who have already been turned off by the fundamentalism of modern religion. When it comes to public policy, the cure is not radical conservatism which the masses will reject altogether, but rather gentle moralism that will slowly guide the population to Christlike values.

Granted, I wouldn’t recommend living like this in one’s personal life. By all means, stick to your guns in terms of personal convictions. On the other hand, I am not as interested in the President’s personal convictions as I am in his ability to shape the values of a nation. I do not think this is lukewarm. I think this is radical and risky, and I am able to appreciate the fact that Obama is pursuing public policy that will make it possible for Christians to honor God without excluding the unsaved from that possibility.

He may not be the world’s best president, but from what I can tell, he just might be a great guy . . .

I get no such vibe from gay-bashing Rick Perry who swings to the extreme right in order to garnish votes from the legalistic Evangelical population in Iowa (so I’ve heard.)

P.S. Did anybody else notice this about the jacket Perry was wearing in the campaign video?


3 thoughts on “Perry vs. Obama, A Clash of the "Christlike"

  1. Wow. I was expecting yet another uninformed "Obama's a secret Muslim, and anti-Jesus" post. This most certainly was not, and was a great read. Thanks so much for posting this!As a Christian I find the radicalization of the "right" to be offensive. I hate sharing my religion and being grouped in with a bunch of homophobes and the WBC.

  2. I just wanted to point out that Engel v Vitale doesn't actually forbid children from praying in school. It bans classroom, teacher-led prayer. Children can still pray on their own, and nobody can stop them or say otherwise.I'm not criticizing you. I don't know if you were just repeating what people said or not. It's just a very common misconception, and I wanted to make sure it was understood.

  3. First off, I would like to say that I have not researched the political candidates yet as I should. That being said, I am basing my comments off of your blog post and my observations of politics in general. Concerning Rick Perry, I am wondering if what he said about gays and children in school was meant to be less harsh than it sounded. Maybe he meant this: gays serving openly in the military is a larger, more controversial issue, than children saying, "Merry Christmas" in school. My first impression of what he said was that our country seems to be unbalanced, even hypocritical. The "tolerance" that goes to homosexuals is not given to Christians. However, I do not agree that Obama should be blamed for all of that as some of Rick Perry's tone suggests. I liked the last video clip of Obama speaking and I think that if he is truly running our country in that mindset, the mindset of what God wants, then things will change for the better. Like you said though, is it not anyone's place to judge his faith except God's alone.

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