Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Wish I Could Be Lazy

  • The fact that we were watching Singing in the Rain in the above picture as opposed to a movie that would match how scared we actually look. Josh liked it a lot, by the way. It was already my favorite movie, so no opinion change.
  • Earache. Never good.
  • Monday begins the dreaded finals week. I hope the student association brings Taco Bell to the library like last year!
  • Being so tired that my spelling and grammar slip abysmally. I almost spelled shirt with a ‘u’ on a friend’s blog . . .
  • Cold without snow
  • Making a film version of War Horse. Watch this linked montage from the play version. Am I right that the puppets are 100% of what makes this show? I’m on the verge of tears just from watching the trailer. Why make a movie? Especially since there’s already a movie out from a couple decades ago.
  • Staying up until 4:30 am to finish a paper .  . .
  • Related to the above item, thinking today was Wednesday first and then Friday . . . sleep deprivation will do bad things to your brain. I was finally in bed at about 5:00, and I just laid there hallucinating about screaming ducks in the hallway . . .
    • The bright sun reflecting off of the metalwork of the library and shining right in my eyes. It might be cold and windy, but it is as bright and beautiful as I could imagine.
    • Seeing my Mom and Mimi (Grandma) yesterday :-). We had such a lovely talk.
    • Oral Interpretation chapel tomorrow! So excited!
    • I think I’ve mentioned this before, but Wegmans boxed macaroni and cheese. Comfort food to the max.
    • Ali recoloring my hair like a boss.
    • All things Christmas–cookies, galas, concerts, decorations–all epic wins.
    • Passing one of the older Spanish majors on the path today just in time to hear him say to his friend, “Mmm, this is Avila weather!” I can sooo live with this.
    • The exchange rate for euros. I think it’s 1.75 right now. Could be worse, you know?
    • The Amazing Race finale this weekend!
    • This video. Gene Kelly is a gawd.
    • Promise of a date night this weekend to watch Braveheart.

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