Live Well, Dress Well: Holiday Looks Inspired by Marlee Matlin

Anybody know who Marlee Matlin is? Well, besides one of my heroes, she is an Academy-Award- and Gold-Globe-winning actress, a mother of four, and deaf. Haha, you knew it was coming! It’s been way too long since a post related to the Deaf community here at Nine to Phive, and who better to usher in the theme than the beautiful Marlee?
Marlee is the only deaf actress to every win an Academy Award for Best Actress, and she won it for her debut film, Children of a Lesser God. Her first film! Let me tell you, her signing in so incredible and impassioned in this movie, and the story is so powerful. She has also appeared on popular TV shows Seinfeld (my family is addicted) and The ‘L’ Word (don’t endorse the show, but there is one scene where she fights an ex-girlfirend in ASL that is absolutely breathtaking). She even scored a Best Actress nomination for playing a role as a hearing woman in Against Her Will: The Carrie Buck Story.
Aside from being inspired by Marlee, this post sadly has little to do with sign language or the Deaf community.
The above image of Marlee is so sexy and wintery that I knew I had to make an outfit post inspired by it. What I did not anticipate is that my inspiration would birth four outfits! The good thing about this overkill is that it provides inspiration for four very different holiday party looks.

Greens and reds are pretty overdone this time of year, so I often tend more towards blues, grays, and silvers–all of which are alive and well in the above picture of Marlee.

Flirty Skirt

Doesn’t this outfit just say “party?” The eye-catching shimmery skirt is contrasted nicely by the simplicity of the white V-neck tee shirt. Add some unique patterned tights for warmth, a cute clutch, some creative jewelry, and comfortable party-ready booties for an ensemble that is perfect for rocking around the Christmas tree. Note the bracelet that spells out “WWJD” in the American Sign Language alphabet–just a little nod to Marlee and the beautiful culture that produced her.

Cool, Warm, and Hot

I can imagine this look working well for more of a Christmas on the town with friends. Anyone for a rum punch? Haha, just kidding. Do people still drink those? Anyway, this outfit is a little wild with the sequined top, leopard print, and leather jacket, but it also has an element of girl-next-door glam. I mean, you’re wearing jeans and a bow on your head. How much more normal can you get? If you’re going to be bar-hopping around Christmastime, make sure to layer up. Those clubs can get very warm and the walks between them can get very cold.

Sugarplum Fairy!

This outfit is arguably the most fun of the four if only because it is just plain fun to dress up. What is the most upscale shindig you’ll be attending this Christmas? Does your school has a winter ball? Will you be attending a ballet? I highly recommend George Balanchine’s adaptation of The Nutcracker. At any rate, blue satin is an infinitely glamorous option and has such a wintery vibe. Start with a simple sweetheart-topped dress, add some romantic sparkly jewelry and a glittering pair of statement heels to modernize your look, and you’ll have every eye at the event on you. Also, (sorry if this sounds dumb) wear a coat. Be smart even if wherever you’re headed will be heated.

Like a Pro

 Some more professional holiday environments may call for a bit more power suit style. Trousers and a fitted blazer will provide all the professionalism you need, but keep it fun with a sequined top and classy costume jewelry. Also, more blue satin would be nice . . . sky-high shoes, anyone? 😉

Obviously, there are so many great to ways to crash a Christmas party as far as fashion is concerned, but these looks are the ones that jumped into my mind because of the inspiration from the picture of the beautiful Marlee Matlin.

Here’s wishing you, Marlee, and everyone else a very merry Christmas season!


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