Winter Formal 2011

Sean, Rachel, Josh, and I went to Roberts Winter Formal Friday night. Josh and I had been going through a rough patch complete with end-of-semester stresses, leaving-the-country stresses, and plain old being-married stresses. To bless me, Josh agreed to really do it up right for formal. You don’t get many chances when you’re married to dress up and go out to show each other off. We bought flowers to wear and everything. It was really quite adorable.

Speaking of adorable, just look at how cute these two are together. They match so well! That’s her maid of honor dress from my wedding that Rach is wearing . . . and she is suh-mashing!

Apparently she and I missed the short cocktail dress memo, because we both wore floor-length gowns and sky-high heels. We were Amazons, and we were kind of stunning :-). Rachel felt a bit awkward, but Josh told me we stole the show.

See? Flippin’ gorgeous!

Dinner was delish. I may love cooking, but I also love having food made for me while I sit and relax! Although we didn’t realize it until we left home and got married, Josh and I both grew up in houses where food and love were very closely intertwined. Let’s just say I felt super loved-on at formal.

Also, you can’t quite tell in any of the pictures of me, but my hair was amazing. Rachel couldn’t quite figure out what to do for it, so she made up a look that neither of us had really seen before on anyone else. There’s actually a braid going around the entire side of my head that is then twisted into the low side pony over my shoulder.

It’s so simple, yet so chic! I am a huge fan.

Nails courtesy of La Boutique Rachelle 😉

No, Josh does not have a migraine in the above picture, nor is he bored out of his mind. He is bowing his head to pray for dinner. How hawt is he underneath those glasses? We are both praying for the day when money will fall out of heaven and pay for a new supply of contacts for him . . .

Yeah, and this is wear it ceased to be “formal” pretty much permanently. This year’s venue was dinky. Dinner was elbow to elbow and any and all dancing instantly turned into moshing. It felt like sweat and deodorant were being passed around from person to person. It was kind of fun, kind of stressful, and 100% hot.

At the end of the night, we realized we hadn’t hooked our moms up with any group shots. So we tried to pose for one, and Josh kept ruining them! To quote my aunt regarding the above image, “It’s always the geniuses who can look the most mentally challenged.”

Even though I am apparently whacking him for his unappreciated facial expressions, I quickly forgave him because he looks so darn suave in the one that turned out mostly nice.

I’m actually quite surprised by how good we look in this last shot. Not only is it the end of the night and we are therefore all sweaty and nasty, we have been trying for a good picture for almost ten minutes. I can’t believe our smiles aren’t all worn out.

Me? I’m smiling all over again looking at these photos 🙂


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