Awkward and Awesome Thanksgiving

The chef!


  • No more snow as of yet. Boooo!
  • Taking an antihistamine right before consuming large amounts of tryptophan . . . and waking up four hours later. Talk about awkward. Happy Thanksgiving btw . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzz . . .
  • Fitting in all of the family and friends we want to spend time with at the holidays . . . literally impossible.
  • Being invited to five turkey dinners. Not two. Not three. But five.
  • Josh setting up the family’s Netflix account on the Wii. OMG. Such an ordeal.
  • Twilight fans.
  • Ramen noodles. So good, but I feel my blood pressure rising while I eat them.
  • Aragorn, the Thurston’s obese cat
  • Falling out of bed so hard that I now have a goose egg and a brush burn. I am special.


  • Mama Thurston’s mashed potatoes. They are an enigma of smoothness.
  • Trivia night last night! Second place. What are you gonna do?
  • Getting to see fellow marrieds Hannah and Kevin this Saturday
  • Saving money. Budgeted $120 to buy a new taillight–spent $15. Budgeted $40 to get pants tailored–spent $4. Bunches of win.
  • Cranberry relish. Homemade.
  • Meeting my cousin’s fancy hockey-playing girlfriend. She’s a serious beast. Not physically, though. She’s small and cute 🙂
  • Date with sister Nikki. Oh, how I have missed her!
  • Black Friday shopping . . . so excited . . .
  • The Jeremy Sumpter Peter Pan movie soundtrack
  • Decorating the Thurston’s Christmas tree

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